Do My Symptoms Indicate Twins I Can T Tell

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Sarah - June 7

I don't know what to think of my pregnancy. After reading your stories, I still can't figure out if I have symptoms of twins or not. Identical twins & fraternal twins run on both sides of my family, so I know that my chances are increased. This is my first pregnancy and I just hit the 3 month mark yesterday. Already, I was starting to show at 2 months and was very uncomfortable in my clothes, having to unbutton my jeans all the time. I suspected pregnancy when I got gastritis, that was awful. And all the weight I had gained, I've lost again. (I'd already gained 7 pounds by the time I would have been 5 weeks, and then lost it because of the gastritis). I haven't thrown up much, but I have had constant nausea & extreme fatigue. I can't button any of my pants anymore, I'm wearing over-sized shirts to hide the opening. (I'm trying to avoid buying maternity clothes until I absolutely have to, I get so tired just standing for 10 minutes, I can't imagine shopping!) I get to listen for the heartbeat at my next doctors' visit in 10 days, but I want to know now! Since this is my first pregnancy, I just don't know what's "normal" and what isn't (for single pregnancies vs. twins). Does anyone think that my symptoms could be indicative of twins?


bump - June 8



Sarah - June 8

All I get is a bump? What's that supposed to mean? Do I have to say something controversial to get some acknowledgement?


Sarah - June 8

Sorry, I hate to be so impatient, maybe it's my "mood" today. I just know that there are some very knowledgable people that visit this site, I've read most of the threads. I just don't want to be shocked if the doctor says 2 instead of 1. I'm terrified & excited & nervous about having a baby. My mother was a nightmare, and I'm terrified that I'll turn out like that. I'm excited that I'm bringing a new life about. And I'm nervous that there could be more than one and I won't be able to keep up. I swore to myself when I was 7 that I would never be like my mother, but what if having twins sends me over that edge? I just want to know, so badly. I know it's a miracle, and God will help me, but I'm still so nervous. And I haven't gained any of my lost weight back yet either. Sorry, I'm babbling.


Maggie - June 8

Hi Sarah. If someone bumped the post they probably want the same question answered. Unfortunately the only why to definately determine if you are carrying twins is to have an ultrasound. During my pregnancy I was extremely sick. Not only did I have morning sickness everyday all day, but I too had gastritis in my first trimester and lost 11 pounds. When the gastritis calmed down I gained weight quite quickly, and thought it might be twins. Turns out my body was renourishing itself. If you want twins I wish you luck, if you don't I wouldn't worry until you have an ultra-sound.


Sarah - June 8

Thanks Maggie for talking to me. I know that ultra-sound is the best determination, I'm just so darned impatient sometimes. But thanks anyways! :-)


SweetNurse - June 9

I went through the same thing at the beginning of this pregnancy :) My uterus was measuring large for date, we heard an "echo" when listening to the heartbeat, and I felt movement extremely early. I was so sure I was having twins, even though the prospect scared me! At my 15 week ultrasound I was a__sured I was having just one boy. Now, at 34 weeks, I am so glad it's only one. I can't imagine two fitting in there right now lol Good luck, and I hope you get an ultrasound soon!



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