Do Twins Run On The Mother S Or Father S Side

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Bree - July 7

Just curious. We have 2 sets of twins. My dad has twin brothers and his sister (my aunt) has twin daughters. Just wondering if it makes me more likely to have twins? Or would it have to be from my mother's side? Thanks.


Erin - July 7

Hello.. From all the research I've done since finding out I am having twins, I have learned that fraternal twins runs on the mother's side and identical twins are more "random". Hope that helps!


Bree - July 8

Call me dense! Does that make me likely to have twins or not? Like I said my Dad has twin brothers and my Dad's siter has twin daughters. I'm sorry I'm dingy right now. Help. Thanks :)


Robyn - July 8

I too would like to know more about Twins. I am pregnant with Twins, first pregnancy and they are fraternal. A boy and a girl. Now twins dont run in my family at all but they run in his mothers and fathers side, yet with Fraternal Twins, that means the woman has to produce two eggs meaning I would have been the one "responsible" for producing the babies.....I am really confused! But it happened and we are blessed!


KristenC - July 8

To Bree: From all that I have learned, the ability to release more than 1 egg is pa__sed on through the mother's side of the family. And sense your Dad's side has the twins, it doesn't make you any more likely to have twins. Now, anyone can get pregnant with identical twins, that just happens randomly. There are a couple factors that can make you more likely to conceive twins (i.e. age, race, # of pregnancies, etc.). Good luck!


cris - July 8

A father can pa__s on the "hyperovulation" down to his daughter, I know because my BF is a frat twin and I am prego w/ frat twins and my DR told me my daughter has a very high chance because I am having frat twins and her father is a frat twin, also my 2 soon to be twin daughters will too!! hope this helps, I went crazy the first 2 months trying to figure all this out!!


Bree - July 22

Thanks guys. In my family both sets of twins are identical, so I guess I don't have a higher chance. The Dr only saw one peanut on my 1st ultrasound and I'm due for a level II (due to my age) so I will have absolutely no doubt then (next week). I'm excited! Can't wait to see some details.


Lisa - August 4

I had fraternal twin girls (now 12). The only other twins in my family are my mom's brother's twins, identical girls, now 18. However, on my (ex) husband's side, there were 3 sets of fraternal girls, all on his FATHER's side of the family ( all living in Nebraska). Now, oddly enough, my ex husband's current wife just found out she is expecting.... twins. Go figure.


violeta - August 4

to bree.. from what i have been told it is from the female side of the family that carries twins. like for example.. my dad has a twin brother and sister, then second generation (me) is preggies with twins but i am more likely of having identicals than fraternals cause its all natural. anyway.. thats what the doc says and the research i have found. hope it helps but you know not everyone will have twins if it runs in family. i am the first cousin out of 20 that is having them so..???



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