Doctor Isnt Testing Me To See If I Ovulate

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AntsAngel26 - September 28

i have been reading this site for awhile now, and decided to start posting. I am 26 and on my 2 dose of clomid. Right now I am on CD 24. I have been doing the BTT, and was just wondering if anyone elses doctor has had you just fax over the chart and that was it... I keep seeing people going in to get tested to make sure you ovulated.. mine just calls me when i fax over the chart, and said if i dont get pregnant in the next 2 months, then she wants me to go back in.


MEandHIM - September 28

you should try the "trying to get pregnant" forum. Most of the ladies on here are twins mothers and were not on Clomid. The few Clomid users on here are ones taking the medication unprescribed and they have no monitoring from their doctors at all.


poohqua - September 30

My doctor isn't even doing that. It had been a long time and she doesn't monitor me. She is having me come in next month however to get my progesterone checked I think. She didn't tell me about the medicine or nothing. She just wrote a script and sent me along my way. I have PCOS and don't ovulate every month.


AntsAngel26 - October 2

poohqua its nice to know im not the only one. I was starting to get concerned. My doctor did the same thing. She gave me an examine, wrote me out 2 scripts and i've been talking to her on the phone. I am wondering if anyone knows what my chances are of having twins? I know being on clomid is about 10%, but twins run on both sides of the family... My moms side, and for my husband, both his parents sides have twins or triplets.


poohqua - October 3

AntAngel26-I don't know your chances. I ovulate sometimes on my own just not every month and not strong sometimes so I wonder if I take it and get pregnant the month that I did ovulate if that would increase my chances. I would LOVE to have twins. I would be happy with one to. I have been TTC#2 for 10 months with no luck. This is my first round of Clomid. I am on CD18. I haven't showed that I have ovulated this month according to my tempos and opk's. I am still hopefull though. Are you charting? My doctor didn't even do and exam or nothing before she wrote me the script. She didn't do a blood test either to see if I was already preggo. I didn't really like the way she treated me the last time I was in there.


AntsAngel26 - October 3

poohqua I am charting. this is my second month charting and second month on clomid. i am on CD 29 and very hopeful that i might be pregnant. last month my cycle was 33 days. i think i did ovulate day 19 or 20. My temp went from 96.86 up to 97.83 the next day. since then its only been between 97.2 and 97.4 so i dont know if thats bad or not. i'm thinking about asking my doctor to take a blood test, to make sure everything is the way it should be. keep me updated and let me know how things are going with you.


poohqua - October 4

AntsAngel26 - I am on CD19 and my temp still hasn't went up. I have heard that when it goes up and stays up that you are preggo. That is kinda what yours is oind cause it isn't down to normal. It also does that til u start though so I don't know. LOL. Yesterday, I had some super bad pains where my ovaries would be. Do you think that would be ovulation pains? It only hurt yesterday and it was so bad sometimes that I couldn't move. My cycle is usually 28 days. Does clomid make it longer?


AntsAngel26 - October 4

poohqua- I had pains like that last month. It happened for a few days before i started my period so i'm really not sure. i always had irregular periods, and usually no cramps or pms symtoms, so it was scary. I'm not really sure about the clomid making cycles longer, sometimes i would go 6 months without having a period. this is the first time in awhile where i am actually having a period every month. Now on CD 30 and i havent shown any symtoms of pregnacy or of a period starting. my temp did jump way up again today. how long should i wait before i take a pregnacy test? the online charting i use said the 13... which is 18 days after it thinks i ovulated..


poohqua - October 5

AntsAngel26- LOL. I always started testing like at 9 dpo and on. So I would think you could start at any time. I got a whole stock full of the one dollar ones and then some first response. I am like addicted to them when it comes time to test. LOL. I had a temp spike today so maybe. FX. I guess I will find out tomorrow morning when I take my temo if it stays high. I am getting so anxious. Are you wanting twins?


AntsAngel26 - October 5

Poohqua... I would LOVE twins. I use to be a nanny for some twins and i loved it. my husband is freaked out about the thought of more then one. Tonight we might run out so i might get some of the cheap knock off tests and take one tomorrow. it just breaks my heart when the test is neg.. dont know what i will do if its positive. i'm crossing my fingers for you that your temp stays up. its nice having someone to talk too and thats going thru the same things i am. let me know tomorrow if it stayed up :)


poohqua - October 6

I love talking to you. I don't know anyone else TTC. My temp went down but still higher then normal. My normal is like 96.4 and it went to 97.5 then 97.0. I will try tomorrow morning and see what it says. Let me know when you take your first test. I would also LOVE to have twins. That would be awesome. My husband would like them but worried because it would be different.


AntsAngel26 - October 7

poohqua... took the first test yesterday and it was neg... but i have noticed the past couple days my temp went up... my normal is around 97.1 - 97.4 .... im wondering if when i had that giant spike it wasnt really when i ovulated.. and maybe it was just a few days ago? I have noticed what looks like brownish spotting almost? its very very light, and not noticing it all the time... not sure what that is.... going to wait a few days and try another test... how are things going with you today?


poohqua - October 8

AntsAngel26- The brown spotting could be good. It could be implantation. I would wait and take it like 9 dpo for the first after the one spike you think you ovulated and take it from there. I am sending baby dust and prayers. I am going today to check my progesterone. I am hoping htat it is good. Then I go tomorrow for an appt. They still won't do an ultrasound or nothing. Grrr. I just hope my ovaries isn't hyperstimulated and they don't know it. LOL. The 2ww is horrible. I just don't know what to do to take my mind off of it. I am only like 4dpo. :( I ovulated late. Like on cd18 or 19. I hope that doesn't have an effect. I have heard that if you ovulate later that sometimes you progesterone don't have time to get up so you miscarriage cause your period or whatever starts earlier to. I hope that isn't the case with me. I love talking to you. Do you have yahoo messenger or anything? I am so anxious just as you I suppose. LOL. Have you been to the doctor any?


AntsAngel26 - October 8

poohqua... i hope all goes well with the appointment... im sending prayers and baby dust right back at ya... the spotting has stopped... not sure if that is good or not... i have been ovulating late, so i hope that isnt bad... im going to test again at the end of the week, and if nothing, im going to call the doctor on friday... should i ask to go in and be tested? to make sure my progesterone is alright? This is all so new, and i am very anxious, and not sure my doctor is doing enough... i use aim, my name on there is kitcat494... do you have that? i can always try to install yahoo again... *crosses fingers* today will be a good day for you...


poohqua - October 8

AntsAngel26 - I would call and request a progesterone check. I don't believe they aren't doing that. What the heck kind of doctor don't at least do that. LOL. I thought my doctor was bad. It could really hurt you if your ovaries are getting hyperstimulated. They should do a progesterone check to make sure you are ovulating or you could just be wasting your time and money. That is wild. I would definetly call and ask them. They don't do ultrasounds on me. I wish they did. I dont even know what aim is. LOL. Today will be good. Just let me know. you can email me at yahoo by poohqua39 Talk to you soon


poohqua - October 9

AntsAngel26- I have not done nothing but cry and worry today. Fertility Friend said I ovulated on the 18. I thought I had covered everything. Now it says that I ovulated on day 20. I didn't have s_x the day of ovulation or the day after. I only had s_x the day before. So I am really worried that I am not pregnant. So I am very devastated. But maybe still. When will you be on aim? How are you doing today? Did you take another test?


AntsAngel26 - October 9

poohqua... I'm praying that everything turns out well for you... i heard on one site that your chances are better the day before, then after ovulation. I am spotting today, havent seen any blood so maybe there is hope for me too... this is all so stressful... i want to make love every day or every other day to improve my chances, only because i really dont know when or if i am ovulating, and my husband is just not being helpful... i will be on aim thru out the day. i sent you an email last night, not sure if you got it? i use fertility friend too.. have you been having any side effects of the clomid? i have started having hot flashes the past couple days, and been getting a terrible headache which suprises me because i thought it should happen while im on the medicine?



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