Does Anyone Take Fertility Pills Who Doesn T Need Too

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meeee - April 27

I want to know is there anyone that is taking or has taken fertility pills that don't have a problem with having children. Basically taking them to have multiples. The reason I am asking is because I want to have twins, and I would like to know if that is at all possible. Can someone please help me out with some information?


Sam - May 22

I dont know


swa__s - May 23

Yes there are moms and Docs out there who use fertility drugs to enhance the odds of a multiples pregnancy. Clomid increases the odds from 6 to 8 percent, according to the manufacturers literature. Injectables while considerably more expensive, would be more likely to produce the desired effect. No insurance won't cover it, with out a history of fertility issues, or a Doc who states so. A word of caution here tho. Starting with the ovulation induction, there is an issue with hyperstimulation, causing the ovaries to grow out of control, and the end result can be a rupture...this potentially can cause death or the loss of that peticular ovary, but more likely to cause a rather large ammount of pain, and time off work. Then Walla your pregnant...look at the issues that multiple pregnancies can have. Average gestation of a twin pregnancy is 37 weeks. This is right on the cusp of prematurity, but the babies are almost always smaller, causing further complications. Multiple gestation pregnancies often do not leave the hospital with mommy, so be prepared to discharge with out your bundles of joy. Having done this I know it is a very difficult thing to do. I love the idea of twins, and my hubby and I are currently trying to have another baby after a tubal reversal (bad idea, but I'll lecture on that another day) BTW doing the irish twins thing...not recommended. Very hard to be feeding your tiny infant, and vomiting from morning sickness from the new pregnancy. Not of course to mention that the body just isn't ready to deal with the pregnancy again right away. I did that one too...two wonderful babies literally 9 months apart, I am sad tho, I lost alot of the earlier ones babyhood due to the rigors of the following pregnancy, and the complications that it causes. Either way, Good Luck, Talk to your doc, Eat right, and take your prenatal vitamins NOW. It will help you in the end trust me. Baby Nurse



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