Does Coming Off The Pill Increase The Chance Of Twins

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Jess - May 18

I am 9 weeks along - 4th baby for me. I have my first appointment this Friday, but I have already convinced myself that I am having twins... or triplets, or a fibroid tumor.... I know, I'm crazy, but something is DIFFERENT this time around - I am sure of it. I am a twin myself plus I am very big for 9 weeks, I am exhausted, have nausea all the time (I don't get sick, but I never have), and I am sure I can feel movement even though I know that is impossible at this point. I hope they do an US on Friday because I REALLY need to know why this is so different! By the way, has anyone heard that getting pregnant within a couple of weeks of stopping birth control pills increases your risk for multiples?


Amy - May 31

I have heard this is true- in fact I am banking on trying to have twins this next month right after going off the patch. Let me know if you found out if your having 2!


cristy - June 6

I was on the patch from july to january, about november I got messed up (falling off, spotting here and there) well finally in January I got fed up and took it off and spotted for about 2 days I was waiting for my next period to get back on the depo, february 7 still no spotting nothing, took a test Pregnant ....With TWINS! they are fraternal (90 percent ) says the dr, I produced 2 eggs! There are NO know twins on either side of my family. I asked the Dr about it maybe being caused from the patch he says no but I feel differently!


Tracy - June 23

YEAH I HEARD OF THAT you can get pregant when off the birth control patch some used it and still get pregant i heard of it


Julie - June 23

I think it depends on how long you were on the pill/patch. If you're on it for a really long time, then yes you do have a higher chance of conceiving twins when you come off of it.


Hailangel2112 - July 17

I was on the pill for a little over a year after having my 2nd daughter...I ran out in April and missed like the first week and a half of my next months pills....I am now 15 weeks pregnant with twins and there are NO twins in my family. So to answer your question, yes I believe there is a connection. HAHA!!



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