Doing Injectibles Multiple Question

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julie2007 - October 3

hi twin / multiple moms. . . i am using repronex injectibles for the 1st time, with IUI and had my u/s follie check - i had many - i go again for another u/s ck before hcg trigger. my question is this - how many mature follies did you have for your IUI? i have a 25 month old dd and 7 puppies i am helping raise for a few months - and no family in our state to help out, so i don't know if i could handle twins. plus with my m/c history and the higher risk with multiples - i don't want to risk that either. i am sure it is a lot of work and a lot of reward, but it scares the heck out of me. i want one more healthy baby..... i have had 2 m/c's this year. (11w3d and 9w2d) - and failed on clomid (had bad headaches and mood swings) so my RE said it's time to move on to injectibles and IUI. -- i appreciate any info you can share with me. thank you.


julie2007 - October 4

help ladies - i have 5 "good follies" today - and they are going to hold me off for a few more days (iui on monday) to see if we can get smaller ones to get larger - DOES ANYONE have ANY INFO on how many follies any of you had when it was time for the IUI ? ? or IVF? just kinda curious and scared - and hopefully you will answer me.


samehere - October 4

You will probably get a lot more help on a trying to conceive board with ladies going through the same thing instead of a twin board. Good luck!


julie2007 - October 4

thanks samehere - but no one on there has experience with TWINS as a result of INJECTIBLE meds - infact most are not quite to this point yet. did you want to share any of your stories??? -- i noticed you seem to prefer to direct everyone away from this board that has not conceived multiples naturally - and it's almost hurtful. . . i will a__sume i am just being so sensitive since i am injecting so many hormones into my recently miscarried body. (PS: try to understand i have mentioned in BOTH posts of mine that i am SCARED! - a little empathy maybe???) thanks.


Tenk - October 5

Well on clomid alone you have a 10% chance of twins, and with injectibles I think it goes up to around 20% or something. You have to figure, for every egg you have there's a 1/20 chance of conception. If you have 5 eggs then that 5/20 or 25% ish chance. HTH, and good luck with the meds.


samehere - October 5

I was only trying to be helpful because you are trying to get pregnant which should be the main thing on you mind and a trying to conceive board would be a more logical place for that info since most women on here haven't been in your shoes. I don't try to deter women who are pregnant on this board unless it is natural. That is absurd. Twin mommies are twin mommies. I wish you well in trying to conceive and if it is twins or more, I will be more that happy to welcome you as a new mulitples mom.


kamivy - October 6

Hi, I'm afraid I can't answer your question but I just wanted to say good on you for thinking these things out before just charging head first in, and while I understand how annoying it is for the ladies to have women cluttering up the board with questions about HOW to get pregnant with twins, and constantly pushing up those silly clomid threads, I think your question totally appropriate to ask of multiple moms who are may be in that situation because they underwent the same treatments you are undergoing. all the very best and I hope you get the help you are looking for.



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