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KH - November 10

I still have a week left to test, but I'm already having some symptoms. I have itchy,tingly, sore br___ts......and I am feeling sick to my stomach off and on. Has anyone with multiple experienced these symptoms this early? Any comment would be helpful


to KH - November 10

Before I tested I thought I was getting my period. Cramps and such. I didn't get morning sickness until a month or so after I confirmed the pregnancy. But every pregnancy is different. Good luck!


Anne - November 10

Your body produces double the amount of the hormone hCg with twins. I got a positive home pregnancy test result just 5 days after conception because the levels of hCg were high enough at that point. Try taking an early test.


KH - November 10

Do you think 7 days past ovulation is too early?


momma of 4 - November 10

I had both a singleton and triplets and there was no difference. I didn't have any earlier symptoms w/my triplets - it was all the same


KH - November 10

I have two single birth children and I didn't start feeling like this until i was 6 weeks. If I decide to test early, in your opion, which test should i use? Thanks for all the advise


momma of 4 - November 10

I found that First Reponse (the one that is 4/5 days before period) worked GREAT for me.


Julie - November 10

Just an FYI, the First response tests only work that early for like 52% (or something close to that) of the women who use it. It never works early for me. I like the Equate Walmart brand. It always gives me a positive before First Response. Good Luck.


KH - November 11

I am having more symptoms or just trying to fight off a flu bug. There are some differences. My b___st still fill full and tingly....the sick feeling isn't subsiding...and now i have a bit of cramping and "heavy" feeling just above my pelvic bone....Is any of this normal?..to be feeling this much this early? Has anyone had a similar experience...or am i just freaking myself out?


QC - November 17

Hi there, I'm 22weeks now - only a singleton - but I had symptoms straight away before I even knew 'for sure' that I was pregnant. Nausea, fatigue, headaches, aversions to some foods, cramping etc. I had to nap EVERY day which was really out of the ordinary. I did 2 tests @ 4 weeks. One came back a faint positive (cheap brand), the other negative (clear blue) so I left it and didn't know what to think then at 5 weeks I couldnt take it anymore and just HAD to know so did one more(clear blue) and it came back positive.



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