Early Weight Gain With Twins

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Jan - April 4

I am almost 6 weeks along and just found out I am having twins. I have already gained 7 lbs! Has anyone else gained this must this quickly with twins? This is my first pregnancy.


Dev - May 2

yeah.Me too.This is my first and I gained 10 pounds.5weeks and 2 days.My stomach is showing up .I didn' t go to the doctor yet.I am confused.


Jeremy - May 2

You want to make sure you find a doctor who will treat your pregnancy as high risk. Even though you may not experience any problems in your pregnancy a twin pregnancy must be watched closely. My wife is currently pregnant 15 weeks with twins and we see our OB every two weeks to have a how are you doing visit. Make sure that your OB doesn't treat this pregnancy like a singleton pregnancy. You have the right to change doctors and if you don't feel your OB is giving you the treatment you need find a specialist who is experienced with multiples. You gaining the wait early is great for your babies. You actually should gain about 20 lbs by 24 weeks. I recommend reading the book "When you are expecting twins, triplets and quads" by Dr. Barbara Luke.


jena - May 2

i see my OB every 2 weeks as well, and I think that helps a lot. I'm 9 weeks and I've already had 2 u/s. My doctor said that I will be 3 weeks "ahead" of a singleton pregnancy in terms of weight gain and shape, but I feel like I'm at least 5 weeks ahead! I think you're pretty much on track...


KAT - May 9

I am having 8 dont be whinning Im at my last month and i can barley move im a balloon waitin to pop.


jill - May 31

8? Wow. How does that happen. I did Invitro and the doctors refuse to put back more then 2 embryos


Hmm - June 2

Be glad that you were able to put on a little weight. I have been having a hard time eating and so I have lost between 10-15 lbs. I am not that small to start with, so my babies are okay. :) Thankfully!



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