Effects Of Twins On Your Body

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erica - November 12

i am 24 years old i have had 2 singleton pregnancies and am 5'4" and 120 lbs...i recovered quickly from both pregnancies with minimal stretch marks. i may be pregnant with twins this time and was wondering (for those of you who have been through it) what effects it had on your body after the babies were born as far as stretch marks and loose skin. i am not worried about the weight gain, just the effects after losing the weight.(if any)


Millie - November 16

I am wondering myself. I am going to have twins. I would love to gain weight as I am very tiny. But I worry about the loose skin and ugly stretch marks


haily - November 17

i am also having twins and wondering about this...hope i can get back to my weight of 125 lbs...


kylie - November 18

my aunt had twins and she is very very thin-it probably depends on your body


maggie - November 19

i was worried about this too i know the more weight you gain the better but will i ever wear a bikini again?


Millie - November 19

I learned something else from my doc. The more isn't always better. If you are uderweight before pregnancy you are allowed to gain abt 40 to 45 lbs during pgcy. If you are on target wt then you can gain upto 30 to 35 lbs. But if you are overwt then you shd not gain more than 20 to 25 lbs. It all depends on how big you are before pgcy.


oh - November 22

major stretchmarks-never again wear a bikini or shorts!!!


Amanda - November 28

i know i am 30w4d pregnant with my twins and i have stretchmarks bad!!!! but they say there is nothing you can really do


Dina - January 18

I know two friends who had twins and they have no visible stretch marks while wearing their bikinis. They told me they used Body Shoppe Nut B___ter since they started showing. The funny thing is, they don't even know eachother.


A.Carree - January 20

I just had twin girls and they did have an affect on my body. I have two other children. And this time the stretch marks hurt and are much uglier. They are not going away. Does anyone know why you have this lump of fat or excess skin that hangs over your waist after a c-section?


zoe - February 17

i would love to have twins but i hope this dosnt happen to me...i am on clomid now but ive had 2 children and didnt get stretchmarks....scary...


Susan - February 19

I am the mother of 1 year old twins. I gained about 37 pounds. I did get a couple new stretch marks but not too bad. Yes I have the over hang of skin above the c-section area but it's been a year and has tighten up a bit a good diet would help more.


Baby JJ - February 25

When I was pregnant with my second son my midwife told me that stretch marks are hereditary. Both my mom and I have them.


Angelique - April 5

i put on 20kg (about 40 pounds) while i was pregnant with my twin boys, i lost it all and am now 60kg in total. I have a lot of stretch marks and a really saggy belly, so prepare urself for the excess skin left behind on ur belly you may not be able to get rid of without a well deserved tummy tuck.. haha, my boys are 2 now and i still got it! i think its just a reminder so you dont forget how special it actually is to be a mother of twins! :)



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