Expecting Triplets What Natal Care Should I Expect

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Boo b do - October 17

Hi Ladies, I found out today that I am expecting triplets. Concieved naturally without any meds, and still in total shock right now! I am due for another scan in four weeks and also have an appointment to see a consultant and midwife. Any advice or information you can give me on what to expect during this pregnancy and anything I may need to know so I am prepared in asking the right questions when I see them, would be appreciated? Many thanks


montie75 - October 18

Congrats Boo!!! I am only expecting twins, so I have nothing to offer you!! I just wanted to let you know how excited I am for you!! I wish you a very healthy pregnancy!! Please keep me informed on what kinds of testing they do for you! I would like to see if there is a huge difference between twins and triplets in regards to prenatal care. (OH, I am taking LOADS of vitamins!!)


Boo b do - October 18

Hi montie, Congratualtions on the twins!! And thank you for your reply. I am still in shock! My consultant found out about the triplets and rang me and one of the things that surprised me was he said that I should not be working?? I'm only 6wks 5 days. Not sure why at the moment, but will speak to him on the 7th Nov when I have my next scan. The hospital faxed my dr the same day and they rang me to congratulate me :-) I feel like royalty right now :-) I'll know more on the 7th so will let you know what they say then. I am using two progesterone suppositories a day, 400mg folic acid, (which I am wondering if I should increase now?) and low dose aspirin. All prescribed by the dr. I would normally avoid taking any medication. I guess its for a good cause so for now I will take what they tell me :-) How many weeks are you and how's it going?


montie75 - October 19

So far, so good for me. I have gained a total of 21 pounds and I am 20 weeks 3 days today!! I full huge, as I can't see my privates and I am starting to swell in the feet area. My OB would like me to quit working at 26 weeks. At this point, I am ready!! I work in an office, however sitting there makes my back hurt and walking just causes my heart rate to accelerate. I have so much further to go..............so I am trying not to complain too much!! My DH just laughs at me!! YES, you should feel like royalty!! You are carrying triplets!!! That is just wonderful!! I can't imagine....of course, I didn't imagine twins either!! I understand why you are taking folic acid. They increased my iron, vitamin d, zinc, calcium and magnesium. I feel like a walking vitamin....LOL!!! But, the babies are measuring bigger and are in the 86% percentile, so I guess I am doing something right. Oh lordy!! That scares me!! HAHAHAHA........................Please keep in touch with me and let me know how things go. DO you have any other children?? Do you currently work? What kind of work do you do??


twins4us - October 25

congrats on seeing THREE, how excting. You need to see a Peri and I woudl also suggest you check out the MOST foundation. good Luck


freebird - October 25

Yes, I agree with twins4us... a peri would be your best choice. My OB said that at their practice all trip moms saw the peri exclusively. If you don't already have it pick up a copy of Barbara Luke's book - When you're Expecting Twins Triplets or Quads, it's a great read and answers loads of questions. It's a good book to have on hand when something pops into your head at 3 AM :)


freebird - October 26

A peri is a perinatologist. It's an OB who specializes in high risk pregnancies. They keep a closer eye on you during your pregnancy, more frequent u/s, etc. If you're seeing a midwife who specializes in multiples that's the next best thing. She'll probably keep a close eye on you and your babies :) and she'll be well versed in caring for you. Good luck!!


Boo b do - October 28

Thank you freebird, I think you are right. The midwife will probably do the job of the peri. I have a list of questions already for the radiologist, the midwife and the consultant, so I am a little more prepared this week than I was last week.



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