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Maria - July 16

Hi ladies. I am expecting twins in January '06. It has been a rollercoaster ride for me with symptoms of nausea, discomfort, emotions, job issues, scare - bleeding, sleepless nights etc. I would love to discuss and share my experiences with others and also hear and get feed back from others going through some of the same things. I am currently at 14 weeks of pregnancy. I still have nausea and alot of pelvic pain. Everyday seems to be a struggle to eat and get around. I went for an ultrasound today and it showed my two bundles of joy. However, my weight gain has been minimal. I am trying to eat but with nausea, it is tough. I am always tired. I would love to get my hours at work reduced but doctors are so reluctant to put women on light or limited duty during 1st and 2nd trimester of pregnancy unless major complications. Daily struggles !!! If it weren't for my husband doing mostly everything, I would have a hard time getting through this pregnancy. Anyone out there with similar experience?


jesse - July 16

I am pregnant w/twins due jan 11. I have an eight month old son. I went to work the other day and came home to my honey(who was baby siting) waisted and high on meth. I have left him since and am struggling to work and raise my family. Lots of stress and worry. God never gives you more than you can handle. good luck!


Michaela - July 16

Hello Maria Good to hear from somebody experiencing the same thing! I am now 10 weeks and a bit, also pregnant with twins; Like you, I have the same experience with nausea and I am quite disappointed I can't enjoy this pregnancy (my first) as much as I imagined I would; no weight gain so far; I would really love to eat better for the two of them but it seems so difficult getting any food all the way down to the stomach! I am also quite tired, though maybe a little bit less than at the beginning; I was looking forward to hear that this nausea will stop very soon, but you are already 14 weeks and still fighting it! On top of it, all the possible worries on my mind! Having 2 at the time seems to be quite difficult!


Maria - July 16

Hi Jesse and Michaela: So nice to hear from you. Gee Jesse, your due date is so close to mine. I am due 1-17-06 and am counting down the days......it has been soooooo hard. I have a 9 year old daughter and although she understands I am pregnant, she is so dissappointed I am not active right now. I sit on the couch most of the time, when I am not working. I am sorry to hear about your other half being unresponsible. Good move to have left him. Your better off......I know it will be a struggle but it's amazing how we women seem to get through alot of our struggles and come out ahead. Keep in mind you are blessed with your eight month old and now your twins. So many women only wish they could have children. You will get through this....do you have any family around to help you with certain things? Hey Michaela: So your 10 weeks, huh. Your not too far from me either. I am 14 weeks. I also am dissappointed I cannot enjoy my experience. I wake up every morning looking at my calendar and counting down the days and wondering whether I will have a good or bad day with symptoms. So far, it has been bad days. Nausea is miserable. I have a bad taste in my mouth all the time and I keep having a build up of saliva (I carry around a spit cup....gross !!) I have heard that nausea can get better anywhere between 14-18 weeks but of course, everyone is different.....for you it may be sooner. Fruit seems to be a bit satisfying to me so I bought peaches, watermelon, apples and oranges. Now.........the tiredness, I have to get up at 5:00 a.m. to go to work.... ugh.... and I do not get home until 5:30 p.m. Honestly, I tend to sleep on the job inconspicuously......he, he, he. This pregnancy is so so so so hard !!!!! Oh, and I know what you mean about the worry of having twins and how busy we are going to be. My husband and I talked about one of us staying home to take care of the kids.........and I think it will be him because my job is more stable with better benefits. DARN !!!! Michaela, will you be staying home with the newborns? Well Jesse and Michaela, congratulations on your pregnancy. We should be elated but I know there are so many things getting in our way right now. Let's try to keep positive and be supportive of one another. Before hearing from you guys, I honestly felt alone......but now, I feel, although it will be a struggle with symptoms and other issues, I (we) can make it !!! I have to make breakfast now..........cause guess what, hubby has the flu........oh my goodness, I hope I don't get it. Anyway, everyone is now relying on me.........God never gives you more than you can handle, right Jesse.......I will send message later this afternoon about how my day went........Until then......later my friends.


Maria - July 16

Well, expecting mothers of twins, my day was very unproductive. After breakfast, I basically positioned myself on the couch the entire day......mainly because I was having pelvic pain and a crampy feeling in my stomach. My doctor says to exercise but there is no way..........when I walk, I have pain. My nausea was a bit better than yesterday, but I still cannot each much. I keep snacking, mainly on fruit, yogurt, rice, bread. My family is suppose to be moving into a new house by August '05....how am I going to get anything done, feeling the way I do ??? My energy level was at about 2-3 on a scale of 1-10. I was so glad it was Saturday because I lacked the energy to do anything. What have been your experiences for today...........any better than mine...???? By the way, we will get through this.........smile :-)


michaela - July 17

hello again! things are getting slightly better with me as my mother has come over to stay for 3 months (i am from slovakia but live in the uae); she tries to prepare food that i might possibly like. (she says it's a horrible sight looking at me eating); so that's the good news; also, i have an ultrasound today; very very excited! i wanted to ask you how you calculated your due date, are you counting it same way as for singleton; because they say that with twins the full term is 38 weeks, not 40; how old are you maria? i will be 30 in few days, as i said it's my first pregnancy and we've been working very hard for it (it was our third ivf treatment); so really i should feel happier; i just can't stop thinking about all the things that could go wrong, it looks scary when you do any search on the internet about twin pregnancy, the first thing that comes up on every page is 'high-risk'; i am also hopeful we will make it through the pregnancy, and most importantly that the babies are big and healthy!!! are you taking your vitamins yet? i am a little worried because my doctor has given me only folic acid so far (plus i am stil taking some hormones to support the pregnancy, which i think is because of the infertility treatment); anyway, i will check with him today; is your tummy showing yet? mine is almost the same as before, the only difference is that all my trousers are very unconfortable to wear now, but they have always been pretty tight anyway; i am also ok with snacking, specially fruit, it's the proper meals that i have problem with (chicken, meat); do you manage to eat more than before pregnancy? about after delivery: i have not thought it through properly yet, still not sure; i would love to stay at home, but the finances will be very tight then; the maternity leave here is exactly 45 days, which i think is completely ridiculous (back home in slovakia it is 3 years, which is another extreme, but i would surely prefer that); i think i might get some help from my mom, but of course i can't leave all to her; i think i would really love to (and need to) take a year off from work to stay with the babies; let's see; my energy levels are quite ok in the morning but when i come back from work in the evening i can't do anything at all; it is really great to have you here to talk to! hope you don't get your hubby's flu (mine had a cold two weeks ago and i did catch it, which makes things even worse, but luckily lasted only 3 days); good luck to you maria and all expecting; let's stay in touch!


Maria - July 17

Hey there !! Ok, I hope today is better. Unfortunately I woke up with dry heaves. I hope this gets better..??!! Well, my husband recovered from the flu. Thank goodness....but uh oh, I hope I don't get it. I tend to catch everything and from everybody....ugh....#$%@& ------------------ Michaela, you are from Slovakia........Wow, how interesting...but what is the uae....sorry to sound so dumb. I am so glad to hear your mother will be there to help you. My mother lives in Japan (I am half Japanese) so she will not be much help to me. I live in California, near San Francisco. I was born in Japan and then moved here when I was 8 years old when my parents separated. My father who is Africian American, raised my sister and I. Wow, your having your ultrasound today........yahoo..!!...let me know how it goes. I had my ultrasound three days ago. I saw the two bundles of joy on ultrasound. One is moving like he/she is dancing....the other is sooo calm. I am having fraternal twins. This was through IVF, first try, but keep in mind that I have been trying for a child for 5-6 years. I am 42 years old......yep 42....and I went through the Clomid, injectables, you name it, I was on it. I then went for IVF with donor eggs because my eggs were not producing. We were overjoyed when it worked. My doctor calculated due date of 1-17-06 but said that twins generally come 4 weeks earlier so my due date will probably be approx 12-17-05. Yes, I am sooooo scared. I have been reading and watching child birth programs about twins and multiples and it scares me because they tend to show all of what can go wrong. But then, I have been reading more and find that there is a high success rate with twins. Hopefully, Michaela, we will be in that percentage. I am high risk not only because of multiples but due to my age. I have been in and out of the doctors office weekly. I did have a scare with bleeding, twice. Both times, I was told that the placenta was attaching to the uterine blood vessels and some blood was escaping. What a scare !!!!! Everything was fine, though. I am taking over the counter prenatal pills. I was told that folic acid is the most important. I am wearing maternity pants. My regular pants are a bit too tight. My belly is poking out but not too far yet. On my last exam, I gained 2 lbs, but that was after losing 6-7 lbs. I am trying to eat but it is soooo hard. I don't crave much of anything. I am no longer on hormones. My doctor took me off meds approx 4 weeks ago. Thank goodness because those injections were torture for me......big baby.....he, he, he. My maternity leave is not too much more. For v____al delivery, it is approx 8 weeks, for C-Section, up to 12 weeks. I wish I live in Slovakia and have 3 years off.............wow !!!! My first pregnancy was a C-section and I was told that I will probably have a C-Section for twins. Well have a great day, Michaela and yes, let's keep in touch !!!! Have a great day to all expecting mothers and toward the end of the day, I will let you know how things went for me.........I am already tired !!!


Kim - July 17

I am 11 weeks along, also with twins. This is my first pregnancy but already I feel like my body is ballooning out! I had an ultrasound at 5 weeks because my beta hcg count came back at 11,000. They did the ultrasound and found two sacs that had been implanted. I go in this Friday for my 12 week appointment & am excited I will be able to hopefully hear both heartbeats. I too am suffering from a major lack of energy, but my husband has been quite the trooper. I realize how lucky I am! I am glad there are others willing to talk about their feelings & experiences as I begin to think that I am weak and feel like I am complaining too much!


Erica, Memphis TN - July 17

Hello Ladies, I am also expecting twins and I am overwhelmed and scared as I don't know what? I went to the doctors because I was expecting a miscarriage because of spotting and the ultrasound shows 2 babies. jdrihgdhgnkvjdhgijkh;flkhfkjehfkljhlkjf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What am I to do? Nausea and Depression are my sufferings. Any advice?


Maria - July 17

HI NEWCOMERS; HI MICHAELA: * KIM *, I am with you........I am 14 weeks and feel sooooo bloated. I walk like I am already 8 months pregnant because I feel like it. Congrats on your two bundles of joy. When I heard the heart beats, I teared up....take tissue !!! Like you, I have really relied on my husband for just about everything. I can't cook because the smell makes me feel icky....I can't stand for long so doing dishes and chores is difficult.....and I sit and lay around on the couch due to my pelvic pain.....doctor says the pain is normal....he better be right. By the way, you are not weak nor a complainer. Us, mother of twins are going through major body changes, high hormones, sickness, fatigue, all the flu like symptoms.....so we have reason to ventilate....!!!! But once this hard part is over, we will be elated !!! * ERICA* : I know it is a shock when you hear from the doctor that your are having twins. God never gives you more than you can handle. Just start preparing now for when they come and also, possibly identify those who can be of some help to you, i.e. family, friends, etc. This can ease some of the nervousness. I have started buying diapers and baby clothes now when I see a sale. A good friend of mine said she will help me when the babies come.....Now...about the nausea....maybe some of the other mothers to be can help with this because I am at 14 weeks and am still going through this horrible nausea. I need help too :-( HI MICHAELA: How was your ultrasound today?? I hope everything went just fine !!! Did you have a good day with symptoms ?? I had sooo much to do today that I totally forgot about my nausea and pelvic cramping. Potential renters of our property came out to look at the house today so I had to do some cleaning......and actually, keeping my mind occupied really helped !!! However, I got sick when I went approx 4 hours without eating. I have to religiously eat every two hours or I get sick !!! A lesson learned !!!! WELL LADIES, I have to sign off for now. Oh, but before doing so, I wanted to know if any of you plan to find out what you are having, i.e. boy or girl before your due date ?? I plan to wait and be surprised......I hope I can hold out.......Bye Michaela....Later friends. :-)


Jillian - July 17

Hi, I am 16 weeks into pregnancy and just found out at my ultrasound its twins. I actually lost 10 lbs in the beginning, now i have gained 2 back...lol. I am so tired i can't keep my eyes open. I have a 2 year at home already and my husband is on deployment for the navy (great timing). I have had horrible streching pains in my stomach, i remember them from my son but these are worst. I barly had any belly until this week then it just popped out over night. The thought of twins just overwhelms me. I am very excited, but scared as could be at the same time. my due date is Jan 2, 2006 . My email is Jilay7@aol.com if you want to email.


Stacey - July 18

Hi !!! I understand what all of you are going though. I am 16 weeks pregnant with twins and finally got through the nauseaness which was unbearable. I could not keep anything down except chicken noodle soup and that was a struggle. I also have a hard time sleeping at night since the babies are moving around constantly. I just started enjoying being pregnant . Trust me it will get better. I sometimes get so overwhelmed thinking about two but then I can feel them moving and I know it is worth it. I will find out the s_xes on August 1st. I would love to hear from all of you so we can vent. Please take care !


Maria - July 18

* Michaela * : How did the ultrasound go ?? I hope everything is doing just fine with your two bundles of joy. Are you feeling any better ?? Tomorrow I will be going into my 15th week of pregnancy....and still counting down each week, day, hours. I am still nauseous. My husband made my lunch today for work and I couldn't eat it. I had to stick with plain bread, fruit and yogurt. At work, I was rather useless....too tired to get anything done. I am starting to feel alot of fluttering going on but unfortunately, even that makes me nauseous. I hope your symptoms are getting better. Talk to you later, Michaela.


Maria - July 18

Hi again, Ladies: It is so nice to hear from others going through similar experiences, i.e. symptoms, emotions and of course, jubilation !!! Tomorrow, I will be going into my 15 week of pregnancy. I wish I could enjoy the experience of being pregnant, especially since my hubby and I have been trying for 5 years......but because I am soooo sick and sooooo tired, I find myself looking at the calendar counting down the days rather than enjoying the experience. I have horrible stretching pain too. Alot worse than my first pregnancy. I appreciate the words of encouragement that things will get better and that I(we) will soon enjoy the experience. I truly hope so. My due date is 1-17-06. I do not plan to find out the s_xes. I think I want to wait and be surprised. I would love to hear what everyone else is having.....if you find out. Any preferences ? Good luck to all !!!


Amanda - July 18

Hi -- this is my first pregnancy ever and I am 19 weeks along with twins. I went into the ER about a month ago because I thought I was suffering an ectopic pregnancy or a uterine tumor only to find out I was already 4 months along with healthy looking twins! They could see baby "A" is a boy but baby "B" was being too modest, so I don't know yet. I have felt so terrible these past 5 months -- plenty of nausea but that has not affected my appet_te. I am constantly hungry and eating more than I ever thought I could. I think I've gained about 15 lb. total so far. Two days ago, the doctors put me on bedrest because I had been having contractions(no cervical changes though thank God). I was barely making it through work each day anyway, but now I will be worrying about making ends meet. I'm going to apply for state cash and food a__sistance programs. It's nice to see there are others out there like me, I too have been feeling very alienated and alone. :)


Michaela - July 19

Hello Maria! Hello everyone expecting twins! Sorry I couldn't talk to you yesterday, i was feeling quite miserable and decided to take a day off. That was quite good (monday here is the mid of the week; thursday/friday is the weekend - i live in the United Arab Emirates); More importantly, the ultrasound went very well, they are still two! one of them was easier to see and moving a lot; i am also going to stop the hormones in two weeks (mine were just pills 3 times a day and one pessary at night); still to take folic acid, nothing else; i'll have a blood test next time i go for check up (15 august); this time the ultrasound was so different from the first one; we did hear the heart beats the first time, but now we have seen the babies moving, and seen their hands and legs! it was really nice! (one of them seems hyper, couldn't see much of the other one though); my nausea is not so bad these days, i suppose because of my mom's food, though i still didn't gain any weight; it happened to me as well (and not once) that my husband was happily cooking for me for two hours and when the meal was finally ready (and he very proud of it) i could barely touch it; shame; i also find fruit, biscuit or some yoghurt easier to eat; i am counting like crazy too, i have a spread sheet where i put in the date everyday morning and it calculates how many days/weeks pregnant, how many from the conception, how many to delivery, to the end of first trimester, etc. simply crazy; i am also quite emotional, last night i couldn't sleep pretty much the whole night; crying because of something silly, which i wouldn't even notice in my normal condition; then at 2.30am i was so hungry i couldn't sleep; so i had a banana and biscuit; morning crying again for no reason; now i am at work but as you said: pretty useless, feel like going home again; i think there should be special arrangements for twin-pregnant women, what do you think? something like two-hour working day; it would be great; maria, how was your first c-section? i suppose we all have to be ready for that with twins; would you rather have an epidural or full anesthesia? i am not quite sure yet as i think i would be panicking if not fully asleep; i don't think i would be able to resist asking about baby's s_x, specially with my husband's constant nagging about it; i honestly don't care that much, just want them healthy! (it would of course be amazing if they are boy/girl as they might be our only children, but as i said, HEALTHY is want i really want, just like everybody else i guess). It looks like nausea and fear is what we all have in common, let's continue complaining and so get through it together! looking forward to hear from you all; take care, lots of rest and fluids!


Kim - July 19

I love hearing everyone else's version of the twin pregnancy. I have been feeling ok, with the exception of feeling sooo tired all the time. I know if I eat every couple of hours, the nausea seems to stay away. I have a 2 year old foster child (my niece) who will be with us until approximately December, but then if the time is right, will be placed back with her mother. She is very active and runs me ragged! I work 4-10 hour days so I do have a 3 day weekend, but by the end of the week, I am exhausted. I go in for my 12 week check up on Friday & as far as I know, won't have another ultrasound until I am 20 weeks. We do plan on finding out the s_xes-if possible as I feel I have had enough surprises for now! I just keep worrying they will tell me there is another one that has been hiding!!! Thanks for all the great chat. I look forward to hearing more about everyone else's pregnacies.



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