Expecting Twins Let S Go Thru It Together

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Kim - July 19

I love hearing everyone else's version of the twin pregnancy. I have been feeling ok, with the exception of feeling sooo tired all the time. I know if I eat every couple of hours, the nausea seems to stay away. I have a 2 year old foster child (my niece) who will be with us until approximately December, but then if the time is right, will be placed back with her mother. She is very active and runs me ragged! I work 4-10 hour days so I do have a 3 day weekend, but by the end of the week, I am exhausted. I go in for my 12 week check up on Friday & as far as I know, won't have another ultrasound until I am 20 weeks. We do plan on finding out the s_xes-if possible as I feel I have had enough surprises for now! I just keep worrying they will tell me there is another one that has been hiding!!! Thanks for all the great chat. I look forward to hearing more about everyone else's pregnacies.


Stacey - July 19

Good Morning to everyone ! I have been eating like a pig lately & is feels sooo good . The exhaustion just does not go away and I am feel like most of you it can be difficult enjoying being pregnant.


Maria - July 19

Hello Ladies and Hello Michaela. Michaela, I hope you are feeling better and congratulations on seeing your little ones....Yahoo !!!! Let us know when you find out what s_x your babies are since your hubby, like mine, can't seem to wait...he.he.he. Well Ladies, I guess sleepless nights is yet another of our symptoms.........I toss and turn at night because I cannot get comfortable. Next thing you know it, it is time to get up to go to work. I like Kim's work schedule of 4-10 hour days and have a 3-day weekend but I am not sure if I could last 10 hours.....I am only productive for 2-3 hours. Yep, crying has become very common for me. I am so sensitive and can cry over a commercial. About my first C-Section......I did not dialate so they prepped me for C-Section. I was only in labor for 3-4 hours, thank goodness, when the doctor made this decision. I got an epidural in my back which I don't recall even feeling. After approx 30 minutes, I was numb from the waist down and was wheeled in for surgery. I felt nothing and was soooooo happy about that. I want another C-Section, merely because for me, it was painless. But, the recovery and pain post C-Section, I could have done without. The area where the st_tches are can be very painful when you move, get up, and please try not to sneeze!!! I wouldn't mind full anesthesia but I was never given this option. KIM, let us know how your 12 week check up goes on Friday.....oh and if you find out the s_xes at your week 20 ultrasound, share the news....I will be excited to hear. AMANDA: I hope I gain 15 lbs by my week 19. I am sooo concerned because I haven't been eating much at all.....oh and I hope your bedrest resolves the contractions.....I will keep you in my prayers. Being taken off work is always a financial burden. I do not get paid for the first 6 weeks of disability on our long term disability plan. AMANDA: I look forward to when I can eat like a pig and not puke. We will get through the exhaustion and difficult part, hopefully soon. Well, MICHAELA, I will take your advice and try and get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids. By the way, my pelvic pain was better today but still there.....Nausea, still there..... Starting to get swollen hands.....Little constipated today....work production still at 2-3 hours......but still up beat as much as I can be. Take care my friends and I will pray for all !!!!


Maria - July 19

Stacey: In my last message, I responded to your recent message but inadvertently directed the 2nd response to Amanda and not you. Sorry for the confusion to both you and Amanda.


Michaela - July 20

Hello all! Hello Maria! Another work day almost over. I have weekend coming up, so two days of rest. It has always been nice, but now i can't wait! Today i have completed 11 weeks. I think my nausea is getting slightly better, especially if i keep on eating small things constantly (2 hour breaks max). Last night i have slept quite ok, i find that if i go to sleep early, it's easier to fall asleep. Husband had a bad night apparently as i kept tossing, turning, moaning, etc. Are you also not allowed to have s_x? (not that i would be very keen at the moment) Tomorrow is my 30 birthday, i think i am going to give myself a treat and visit one of the baby shops; I didn't want to buy anything yet, as i was too scared something might still go wrong (i am still scared, but i'm gonna go anyway). Hope you all feel better and speak to you in two days. Take care! (did you hear that sleeping on your left side is very good for the babies? apparently the blood and nutrients flow better to placenta(s) that way) Looking forward to your new posts!


Stacey - July 20

Good Morning !! Maria, I hope your nauseaness will end soon . Have you lost a lot of weight ? Thank you also for the c- section infomation . My baby on the left is in breach and I was already told that I will have to have a c section. I greatly appreciate all the information from all of you. I had an etopic so I was told a c section is much easier. I am with you with the sleeping . I toss and turn all night and cannot get comfortable. By the time I do then the alarm clock goes off and I am ready to throw that against the wall. I am now counting down to 12 more days until I find out what the s_xes will be and can't wait ! Happy Birthday Michaela !


Amanda - July 20

I guess it's true that everybody's different because my bouts of nausea haven't improved, everything has gotten worse. It sort of seems better now, but I know that's only because I'm not working because my fatigue is constant even on bedrest. Michaela: S_x is fine as long as everything with your v____a and cervix is normal. Just keep your belly from getting squashed -- it wouldn't hurt the babies who are well protected in their sacs, but it would be pretty painful for you. Maria: is "swollen hands" a symptom you've had before? I would be concerned if I developed that kind of edema or swelling. If you can get a friend to ma__sage your hands and arms from the fingers upward, it might help a little -- plus drink lots of fluids. Are you getting enough salt in your diet? I add a little seasalt to each gla__s of water(you can't even taste it). Salt is very important for us because we have to produce and sustain a lot more blood than normal. I only use a little pinch for a large gla__s of water -- if you don't like the idea, a little extra salt on your meals would work too. Hopefully your swelling will go down.


Maria - July 20

Hello again, Ladies ! Hi and Happy Birthday, Michaela. I hope you enjoy your B-day, weekend and shopping spree. Oh, and I am glad you are starting to feel better !!! Well, today was not good for me....still sick....and I feel so bloated to where I do not want to eat. Thanks Stacey for your well wishes......I am hoping things will improve with my morning sickness. Yes, I lost anywhere between 6-8 lbs but I did gain 2 back. My co-workers have said I look like I have lost weight and look alittle pale...@%$#& Your welcome for the C-Section info.....Good luck with yours. By the way, I look forward to hearing the s_x of your little ones......how exciting. Michaela, I also heard that sleeping on the left side was the best. I, however, been switching from left to right because I get hip pain......older woman...ugh $#%@&. As far as s_x, I heard the same as what Amanda mentioned.....however, my poor husband, I told him hands off until I recover post pregnancy....he,he,he (long time). Amanda: I am sorry to hear that your going through the same nausea symptoms as me. I hope we get much, much better !!! Thank you so much for the information regarding my swollen hands. After reading your post, I asked my husband to ma__sage my hands (felt great). Not sure why this is happening (first time). I also read about the benefits of salt intake.......most of what I have been eating has little or no salt so that may be what I need. I will try it. WELL LADIES, thank you so much for your advice, comforting words and sharing your experience. I am going to bed now because I feel yucky...oh, but I better eat or I will feel even yuckier !!! Take care ladies. Michaela, make sure your hubby spoils you on your birthday....he,he,he. Have a nice night every one.


Jade - July 21

Im am 14 weeks prego w/twins and like Jillian I have not gained any weight. Nobody can even tell I am pregnant! I am so incredibly exausted all I want to do is sleep all day. I eat more than I used to but I feel as if I burn it up as soon as I eat it. I dunno, just hope everything is healthy and going fine. I go in for an ultrasound monday, I am so excited.


Stacey - July 21

Good morning to everyone ! I am very tired again today. But what else is new ? Even though the nauseaness is gone . S_x is the last thing on my mind. My hubby understands and is very supportive. It may sound crazy but Amanda and Maria have you tried eating salads ? That was one of the few things that I could keep down . It is very healthy and with some dressing you will not need the salt intake. Which I admit I still crave and then feel terribly bloated. Who can find a right position to sleep in when they both move around all the time. Does anyone know why it is not recommended that we should not sleep on our backs ? That feels the most comfortable to me. Good luck Jade with your ultrasound ! I look forward in hearing from you all soon !


Amanda - July 21

Leftover pizza and a side of blueberry yogurt is breakfast today lol. I've only been on bedrest for 5 days now and I'm having a hard time not worrying about the finances and getting kind of depressed about feeling useless. I see myself as a living incubator sometimes with no other purpose but to breed. Though other times, I'm just excited about the two kids inside and hopeful that we'll make it to full term ok. Jade: Don't worry if you're not showing yet, I only just started showing at 19 weeks. I was getting worried too, but everybody's different. Stacey: I looked up some info about back sleeping and it seems there is some danger with the blood supply from placenta to baby getting partially cut off. Everything I read precautions this in later pregnancy and I don't think you have to totally lie on your side -- you can lie on your back with a pillow under your right hip giving you a slight tilt to the left.


Stacey - July 21

Amanda, thank you for the info. I am sorry to hear that you are on bedrest and I totally understand about the fiances. How are you feeling now ?


LaRae - July 21

Hey all, my twins are due in Feb '06. I am in my 9th week. Nausea is kickin my b___t! I also have ALOT of pelvic pain. It seems to be somewhat common with twins I guess. I too am so exhausted. But it's all worthit! My husband and I have been trying for over 5 years and after 1 miscarriage and all those years of trying my doc put me on chlomid, And walla! Only took two months on chlomid. We are so thrilled and scared and well everything all at once! Nice to have a place to meet with other mom's of twins!


Stacey - July 21

Hey LaRae ! I had terrible nauseness until 16 weeks so I totally understand. It should hopefully subside within your 2nd trimester. The exhaustion does not go away. I hope you feel better soon. Congrats!


Amy - July 21

Hello Maria, I am 21 weeks along with twin girl & boy. This is my first pregnancy & a hard one too. No more nausea, still tired, & some pelvic pain & stiffness. I experienced some bleeding approx 16weeks along. Very scarey. I am still working full-time as we need 2 incomes. My suggestion is a book called "What to expect when you're expecting". This will help with many of your questions & concerns. Lots of info. I am due in Nov 05 so you can write me AKimbler@argentmortgage.com & I can help or give advice since I will deliver before you. GOOD LUCK.


Maria - July 21

Hello Ladies, I am getting to bed early tonight...I feel better with lots of rest !!!! Amy... so we have had similar experience, ie bleeding, pelvic pain, nausea. I plan to keep your e-mail handy cause I need all the advice I can get !!! My e-mail is MBA9288@msn.com, so it will look familiar when you hear from me. Stacey.....I tried salad the other day and it was sooo good. I plan to eat more !!! Jade....good luck on your ultrasound...keep us posted !!! LaRae....I am at 15 weeks and still nauseated. Hopefully it will end soon for us...little price to pay for our 5 year wait !!! Amanda: Thanks for researching...good info. Michaela....hope you are enjoying your weekend :-) Look forward to hearing from you in a couple of days. Well ladies, just quickly, I had a better day today. Less tired...little better appet_te. I hope things are looking up. Good luck to all.



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