Expecting Twins Let S Go Thru It Together

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Melissa - January 25

Totally Envious - I read over my previous post and I wanted to make sure you knew I wasn't "preaching" or lecturing you. I was just trying to relate on how too wanted a baby at 19 years old. I am 28 years old and my first daughter will be 3 next month and the twins just turned 4 months old. They are really becoming fun and we are finally in a daily routine and they both actually slept through the night last night (yay!!). The cause of my infertility is PCOS (I don't ovulate, so clomid helped in that dept.). I don't think being a vegetarian would do any harm as a long as you take in adequate amounts of proteins and take your prenatal vitamins. That would be something to discuss with your OB/GYN though.


totally envious!! - January 26

you girls are so sweet for answering! i wasn't sure if i might be intruding here! i wanted to ask..if i have a very regular period does that mean i definitely ovulate?


Melissa - January 26

Most likely you are ovulating regularly, but most women can have one cycle a year in which they do not ovulate. In a normal cyle, you ovulate approximately 14 days before your period is due or 14 days after your period starts (if you have a regular 28 day cycle).


totally envious!! - January 26

thats good to know! although you having such a healthy pregnancy despite the problems make me happy beacuse at least there are always options!


Kim - January 27

Rebecca! Congratulations to you on you babies. I hope things are going well for you all. Melissa-I am glad to hear things are going well for you & your little ones as well. Are you b___stfeeding both of them or formula feeding, or both? I am able to get Madelyn to nurse, but Sophie wants nothing to do with it. I have to supplement with formula for both of them, & am looking for some helpful hints....I hope everyone else is doing well. How are you doing Maria???


totally envious to kim - January 27

are your twins identical or did you use treatment?


Kim to totally envious - January 27

My twins are fraternal. We didn't use any fertility drugs. We were natural.


Melissa - January 27

KIM - Technically I am b___stfeeding them both, but not "nursing" them. I pump my milk and feed it by bottle. We have to thicken Gabriel's milk because of his reflux, so I ended up pumping a lot. They used to go between bottle and b___st, but they have begun to refuse the b___st. I think the milk comes out quicker in the bottle - more rewarding. We started giving them a bottle of formula for their night time bottle with some rice cereal in it to help them sleep and with the reflux. It seems to have helped. How old are your little ones now? Doesn't time fly? We are finally in a daytime and nightime routine where everyone is napping at the same time. They are starting to sleep through the night (12 - 13 hrs.) and if they do get up, it's only once for a paci or a quick snack. Hope things are going good for you. Keep us posted. MARIA - I wish I had some news from you. Hope everything is going well. FYI - twinstuff.com has a wonderful forum for expecting twins and mothers of twins (first year) as well as b___stfeeding, venting, etc. I've gotten tons of great info. from other members there.


AMY - January 27

Hang in there sweetie - it gets better. I had all the same things you did & on top of it pre-term labor & alot of hospitalization. Babies were born 2 months premature & were in the hospital from Sept 22 - Nov 3rd. They are doing great now & even sleeping through the night for us. You will continue to have the pelvin pain as your body is trying to make room for the lil' ones but your nausea will get better real soon. Your doctor will put you on light duty or disability probably towards the end of your 5-6 month as you will be too tired & your body will be going through alot too. My bleeding episodes got so bad & frequent that I was forced on disabilty.


REBECCA - January 30

Hi Melissa, Kim and Missy and the rest of the ladies. Well let me start by saying today is 2 weeks since I had my two babygirls and they are doing great still in the hospital but doing good thank god. Lil Rebecca is out of the incubator and bottle feeding my b___st milk three time a day she is weighing about 4.3 and Jessica is still in the incubator only because she is tinier than her sister but right behind her Dr says she will probably be the incubator for another week in a half and than on an open bed and she is bottle feeding my b___st milk twice a day and she weighs about 3.10 they both lost weight when born but gaining it now once again thank god we are all blessed with our twins. The Dr. says I will first bring one twin home which is Little Rebecca by bigger one a maybe a week or two later I can bring my Jessica home. I also hate leaving without them but I know that they are safe and growing and they'll be home soon. Amy how much did your twins weigh when you had them? I had mine at 33 weeks. Missy how much did your twins weigh when you took them home? Maria I know your doing fine can't wait to hear from you. Stacy can't wait to hear from you too. Well ladies thank you for being there and talk to you soon blessings to you and your familys.


AMY - January 30

Hey Rebecca, My daughter (first born) was 4.2 & my son was 3.11. They were in the hospital for 6weeks though because they were lazy babies & did not want to drink out of a bottle & breathe at the same time. They would always forget. They ended up taking the NG tube out of their nose & let them get hungry so they knew they had to eat on their own if they were hungry. They were only take 2 ounces when we left the hospital BUT are now up to 6 + ounces every 3 hours. Kinda funny when you look back. Make sure you take alot of pictures & don't forget to request ababy photo from the hospital. You have to request them now they just don't do them anymore. Needless to say no one ever told me & I don't have a "hospital" newborn photo of them. Only of the ones I took of them. CONGRATS to you too - it won't be long before they are home. I was lucky enought to take both my babies home at the same time.


Corona - January 30

Rebecca, I'm so glad to hear that your girls are doing well! You also sound like you're dealing with it all so well! I'll keep you three in my prayers. Thank you for being such a positive force.


Melissa - January 30

Rebecca - I'm glad to hear your girls are doing well. How are you holding up? It must have been very difficult to come home without them. Have you looked at the twinstuff.com forum "for parents" and then in there, there is a forum for babies in the NICU. I don't know if you want to, but it has so many supportive women on there and lots of great info. too. It sounds like they are putting on the weight. Good for you for supplying the b___stmilk for them. It's not an easy task I'm sure. Have you been able to try to nurse them at all or are they taking it by bottle/syringe,etc. Glad to hear from you. Corona - How are you and your babies doing? How many weeks are you now? Hope you are feeling well. Keep us posted.


REBECCA - January 31

Hi Corona, Amy and Melissa first let me say thank you Amy for being so positive and so encouraging believe me I need to hear from people like you. Melissa thank you too and yes it's hard to come home without my bundles but I know that the lord has a plan for them and us so I must be patient and meanwhile get ready for when they do come home. Well what I do is pump and than give it to them in the bottle the doctor wont let me b___stfeed them direct because he says there is no way of knowing how much they drank! and yes it is hard to pump every 3 hours my b___st are sore and during the night I get soooo tired of setting the pump up and doing the whole thing but than its soooo worth it the b___stmilk helps their immune system. Corona thank you too now tell me how many weeks are you?


Corona - February 1

Hello ladies, thank you for keeping me in your thoughts. I'm now 16wks along & every milestone I reach is great news for us. I'm still on bed rest as I keep having bleeds. Both heartbeats are strong though & we have an u/s next week to find out more. I hope to find out the genders, may not the next u/s but hopefully the next one. I think I may actully be feeling them move from time to time, but to be honest as I've never had a pregnancy make it this far, I can't be sure that is what I'm feeling. My brothers wife is due 3wks before I am & I've seen pictures of her. I look to be so much further along than she does. I guess this is normal as she is only expecting 1. Thant & the fact that she's a whole lot younger & more fit to begin with. Thank you again ladies for sharing your stories & making it easier for someone at my stage of pregnancy. MELISSA, I hope your twins are doing well. How are they sleeping? Rebecca, you are so strong! I admire your ability to look on the sunny side of life. I'm sure that your girls will thrive! How can they not, they have a mother worth admireing! Best wishes! Keep upthe strength!


REBECCA - February 1

Hi Corona, first let me say that it seems forever to all of us at one time or another and it's going to be ok. At 25 weeks they put me on bedrest because of an incompetant cervix and it was hard for me to stay put and a blessing because I was able to keep me babies in longer up until 33 weeks and now I get to bring one of them home next week and about a week and a half later I get to bring my other twin home. Blessings and remember prayer is powerful and with the lord all is possible so you stay positive and keep us posted on your status ok.



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