Expecting Twins Let S Go Thru It Together

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REBECCA - February 1

Hi Corona, first let me say that it seems forever to all of us at one time or another and it's going to be ok. At 25 weeks they put me on bedrest because of an incompetant cervix and it was hard for me to stay put and a blessing because I was able to keep me babies in longer up until 33 weeks and now I get to bring one of them home next week and about a week and a half later I get to bring my other twin home. Blessings and remember prayer is powerful and with the lord all is possible so you stay positive and keep us posted on your status ok.


Melissa - February 1

Corona - You keep on truckin' girl!! I'm sure it's a pain to be on bedrest, but it's healthier for those babies and once you get to see them you'll forget all about it. Congrats on making it this far! Sounds like they are strong ones. Our little ones (not so little anymore) are doing well. We struggle with naps because they don't like to sleep longer than 30 mins. at a time, but they sleep pretty well at night. We had a week where they slept through the night, but I think they're having a growth spurt because they both have been waking up for a bottle the last few nights. Still b___stfeeding (expressed b___st milk in a bottle) and thinking of weaning, but I'm taking it one week at a time. REBECCA - Sounds like you get to bring one of your girls home soon. How exciting! Hope they continue to do well. Catch up on your sleep now. Maybe being in the NICU, they'll already come home with a "schedule". Talk to you ladies soon. Keep up the good work!


Candice - February 4

Hi Ladies! Congratulations on your girls Rebecca! It is so wonderful hearing about another safe delivery! You think during the pregnancy that it is never going to end and then all of a sudden you have your beautiful babies! Good for you! That will be an exciting and rewarding day when you can take them home! MELISSA, your babies sound like they are doing great! Nice to have them sleeping at night I bet! My girls are now 15 wks and they are finally back on a schedule and they sleep about 9 hrs a night! I am supplementing throughout the day, and b___stfeed them at night and in the morning! I was always so worried about how I was going to handle all 4 girls, but it gets easier don't you think! I met a lady who has 1 year old twins, wow, that almost seems like more work than when they are babies! One running in one direction and the other going the other way! Atleast now if you lay them on a blanket or in their crib you don't have to worry about what they are getting into or where they are going to run off to! Anyone heard from Maria? Hope her delivery went well and the babies are doing well! Talk to you all soon!


Corona - February 4

Thank you once again ladies for the constant encouragement. Believe me, it helps so much. I quess we still don't know how things are with Maria. I hope we find out soon!


Missy - February 5

Hello everyone I haven't been on for awhile been busy . Rebecca ... hello i know what you mean Amanda weighed 5lbs ,Emily weighed 4lbs 6oz when they come home. They went up and down with their weight also it is just the way it goes Emily is now 10lbs, Amanda weighs 9lb 13ozs. They are almost 3 months old the 17th they will be. They both have the reflux also i put rice cereal in with their formula that helps them from not spitting up as much. I wish you all the best i'm sure everything will be fine i know its scarey but they are strong! Emily was 4lb 1 oz when she was born she went down to 3lbz 10 oz but she is now out growing amanda now you can see them grow everyday it is so Amazing to watch them. you will have so much fun with them when the get to come home. mine stayed in hospital for 3 weeks amanda was out of the incubator way before emily was she was only out 2 days before i brought her home they kept both of them on monitors until then. It was so hard for me to leave them to but they gave me a number i could call amd thats what i did every night probably about 3 times before i went to bed to check on them. But stay strong you can do it for the little ones i know you can remember we made it this far we can make it the rest of the way. My other children loves them . oh yeah has anyone heard from Maria i sure hope things are going well im sure she is busy like the rest of us is well good luck to all you ladies that hasn't had your babies yet and to the ones who has God bless us all take care and ill chat with you all when i get the chance to get back on


onetwothree - February 6



Corona - February 6



Rebekah - February 10

Hi Missy, Candice, Melissa first let me tell you girls that my baby is home for a week now and my other baby is coming home tomorrow god willing. Missy you and I and our babies are so similiar in everything it's amazing and it is good to know that you went thru what I am still going thru and yes I am scared to bring my other baby home because of course I am worried about caring for two and how about if they want to feed at the same time or if they cry at the same time? But ole well it has to be done and it will get done right I guess we all go thru a little bit of a worry! Well my baby Jessica is the one coming home from the hospital and she has acid reflux and will be on medication for it as for Lil Rebecca she's been home for a week almost and yesterday was her first Dr.'s visit and they weighed her and she already weighs 5.6 1/2 and measures 18 1/2 and is 3 1/2 weeks old. Today I will know how much Jessica weighs too and yes I am excited but like I said a bit worried. Do any of you ladies work yet or are you still on leave? As for myself I will start working second week of March by the grace of God and that too is stressful to me to have to leave them part of the day and so soon. Well ladies thanks for always sharing with us and for being there for each other. One question do your babies get the hiccups alot?


missys - February 10

hey ladies its Missy glad to hear things are going well rebeckah i know it's hard i haven't went back to work yet God willing i hope i don't have to!! But if it's meant for me to go back in need i will have to! if you'd like we can email one another my email addy is missys68@hotmail.com. I had to put rice ceral in my babies milk to keep them from spitting up i have had several episodes of them spitting up thru thier nose so don't freak out just keep one of those sucktion things around it is scarey. Mine was on zantac for thier reflux i think it made mine worse when i gave it to them wouldnt be long theyd spit up so i quit giving it to them but we all know our babies. about feeding them they both are different they'll want to be fed different times and then there will be times they want thier bottle at the same time its hard when its just u here either put them in a car seat feed them both or u could just let the other one wine a little until u get done they'll get the routine down pat. i know it is hard because u dont want to let the other one cry i stayed up with my little ones day & night watching them over thier reflux problem but thank God they are doing so much better. Emily (which was the tiniest) now weighs 10 lb Amanda weighs 9lb 13 ozs they will be 3 months old the 13th can't believe how time has flew! has anyone heard from Maria i sure hope things are going ok for her. well ladies take care and good luck happy v-day!!!


MelissaSLP - February 10

Hey there ladies - I had to change my name a bit with the new log-in stuff. Anyways, we are doing well. The babies are a little of 4 1/2 mo. now and had their weights done yesterday and Gabriel is 13 # 3 oz. and Abigail is 13 # 9 oz. They are just about out of their infant carriers because of their heights (25 1/2 and 25 1/4 in.). Gabriel still has reflux and he's on Zantac and we add rice cereal to both their bottles to help keep it down better. They've begun cereal and veggies and Gabe loves real food. They've started sleeping through the night (7:00 - 7:30). It is pretty crazy those first few weeks when you have them both at home and don't know who to attend to first. Let me just say you won't be able to be supermom and do it all for both at the same time. One will have to wait for a bit and it's ok to let them cry for a few mins. I am fortunate that I am able to take this year off from providing speech therapy at a school. The school system is nice in that they will save your position for a year and you can take a whole year off for child-care (unpaid of course). We're sc___ping, but I'm very lucky. I could never afford to put 3 in daycare. I'm so glad to hear that you've brought home one of the babies and that she'll have her sister join her tomorrow!!! Yay!!! Good luck and keep us posted. I wish we knew something about Maria.


Candice - February 11

Hi Ladies! Everyone sounds like they are doing great! So glad to hear Rebekah that you are bringing your last girl home! What an exciting day! Are you b___stfeeding them, or bottle feeding them? I was able to brestfeed mine at the same time, I had a twin nursing pillow and it was wonderful! I had to figure it out myself though. I had the girls home for 3 days and them my hubby went back to work, he would entertain the one that I wasn't feeding until I was ready. They both started screaming and eventually we got the hang of it through trial and error. I find holding them both football style is a lot easier! You'll be fine with the two of them, I think everyone is always a little nervous, it won't be long until you have the hang of it! We have started our girls on pablem, they seem so hungry throughout the day so I started feeding them a little in the morning. It seems to be working, they are still sleeping well at night! My girls get the hiccups all the time! They did when they were inside of me as well! I could always see my stomach jumping from their hiccups! I was wondering how many immunizations your babies go for? I am in Canada and they go at 2 mos, 4 mos, 6 mos, 12mos, 18mos and then 4 and 6! MELISSA, hard to believe your little ones are already that big! You must be doing a great job with them! How does their sister react to them! Is she jealous at all! My girls don't seem to bad but once in a while my 5 year old will cry and say that I love the babies more! I try to explain that when she was that little I had to spend a lot of time with her too, it helps a bit. I have started making dates with my older girls so that I get to have some one on one time with them too! They like it and seems to be taking away the jealousy! Hop everything is well with Maria, can't wait to hear from her! Talk to you soon!


Corona - February 11

Rebecca...How wonderful to hear that your girls are doing so well. You must be excited & nervous to have them home! I can't wait to hear about your progress, I'm sure you'll do great & that your girls will trive!


Corona - February 14

Hi everyone. I'm just wondering if anyone has heard from Maria? Although I'm certain she is going well & extreemly busy with her 2 little ones, I am getting a bit worried that we have not heard anything.


MelissaSLP - February 14

I'm getting a little concerned too. I'm sure she is just busy being a multiple mommy, but I wish we would have heard something. Corona - Hope you are doing well. How many weeks are you? Has the bleeding stopped? You'll find out the genders pretty soon, won't you? We're all doing good. Babies are down for the night. They've been sleeping through for about 2 weeks now, so we're catching up on our rest. They'll be 5 mo. next week. Our oldest daughter is turning 3 next week too. Well, I hope Rebecca and Missy are doing well with their little angels as well as Kim and Candice. Let us know how things are going.


Corona - February 15

Hi Melissa! I'm glad to hear that all is well in your home. I'm sure that sleep has become a welcomed friend! I'm 18 wks now & the bleeding has at least slowed down. It's no longer everyday. However, my body does let me know when I've overdone it...it doesn't take much! I will see my little ones again next Tues, Feb 21. I can't wait. I'm looking forward to finding out the genders, but mostly to see that they are alright! I'm a bit of a worry wart!


kdmontain - February 15

Hey all, it's Kim. Things are good here. I have been busy enjoying my last couple of weeks with the girls before I start working again. It has gone so fast, as I am sure everyone understands. Corone, glad to hear you are hanging in there. You are almost halfway!!! Melissa and Candice, it sound like you little ones are getting so big also!!! Rebecca, I hope things are well for you now that both your little ones are home. Maria, I pray things are well for you also. I would love to hear how things are going for you!!! Talk to you all soon! Kim



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