Expecting Twins Let S Go Thru It Together

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kdmontain - February 15

Hey all, it's Kim. Things are good here. I have been busy enjoying my last couple of weeks with the girls before I start working again. It has gone so fast, as I am sure everyone understands. Corone, glad to hear you are hanging in there. You are almost halfway!!! Melissa and Candice, it sound like you little ones are getting so big also!!! Rebecca, I hope things are well for you now that both your little ones are home. Maria, I pray things are well for you also. I would love to hear how things are going for you!!! Talk to you all soon! Kim


MelissaSLP - February 16

Hi there Kim. I'm glad to hear your little ones are doing well. How old are they and how much do they weigh now? How are you doing with the thought of having to go back to work soon? I have taken a leave of absence for this school year, but it has been a struggle financially. We're just starting to talk about me returning (part-time) in the Fall and the thought already makes me sad. I had to return to work when my oldest was 7 weeks old and that was really hard. I had family to watch her, but it was still very hard. I don't feel like I can trust other people with all 3 of them now. Corona - keep up the good work with those little bundles and make sure to let us know when you find out the genders. I hope they will be cooperative for you, but if not you'll have a ton of other u/s. Take care ladies and keep us all posted!


MelissaSLP - February 24

Just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing. We are all doing wonderful. My oldest just turned 3 this week and the babies are just growing and learning! Hope that everyone is doing well.... MARIA- I wish we knew something. I hope she's just busy being a twin mommy.


kdmontain - February 26

Hi Melissa. My girls are 7 weeks now-almost 2 months old. Man has time flown by. I am not sure on their weights, but if I had to guess, I would say 7 pounds, if not more. We go back to the doctor on March 6th for their 2 month appointment, so I will know more then. They will have their first set of shots-not looking forward to that, but they need them. I hope the rest of you ladies are doing well. Looks like it has been pretty quiet on the forum here lately. Take care & well talk soon! Kim


Candice - March 6

Hi Ladies! Wish we would hear something from Maria. I hope everything is well with her little ones and her! It takes a while to get into the swing of things so hopefully we hear from her soon! Kim, time sure does fly! Your little ones sound like they are doing good. My girls are already 41/2 months! They have had two shots and have done excellent with both of them! Good Luck with yours! The girls are getting so big they are rolling now and laughing! They love their swings and are such happy little girls! They have started eating twice a day now and I am oficially done b___st feeding! I was going for 3 mos and made it to 4 so I am proud of that! I couldn't imagine having to leave them to go back to work! You ladies who are returning to work shortly after, GOOD FOR YOU! Couldn't imagine having to juggle a career and babies! You should be proud of yourselves for that! Well Good Luck to those that are still awaiting the arrival of their little bundles. Talk to you all soon!


MelissaSLP - March 6

Kim and Candice - Sounds like the babies are doing so well. Mine are about 5 1/2 mo. now. We actually just spent the last 3 days in the hospital with Abby because she has been so dehydrated from the stomach flu. She needed IV's to rehydrate her. Time sure does fly though. Congrats Candice on b___stfeeding for so long. Between 4 and 5 mo., I started doing their evening bottle as formula and then at 5 mo. we called it quits and they are on all formula now. Please keep the posts/updates coming. Talk to you soon.


missys - March 6

hello everyone haven't been on lately ..time just gets in the way sometimes! Both babies are doing great they'll be 4 months old the 17th wow time sure does fly. glad to see everyone is doing fine. Melissa sure hope your little one gets better! my dr told me to keep mine away from a crowd of people if i could help it because alot of babies has gotten the rsv virus. but sometimes you just have to do what you gotta do. I cant wait to see how much mine weigh im sure they'll go around 12-15 pounds. wow! The little one is the biggest now cant believe how much different things are. They still look alot alike but you can tell the difference in them one has a rounder shape face and the other one has a petie face ( little). Emily And Amanda. Well ladies i shall chat with u all again soon take care of yourself also because i know u will take take of those little ones. So has anyone heard anything about Maria?


MelissaSLP - March 18

How's everyone doing? Again, I wish we had heard from Maria!!! As for us, we are all doing well. Abigail and Gabriel will be 6 mo. old on Monday!!!!!! Time has flown. My oldest turned 3 last mo. Abigail was in the hospital for 3 days b/c she got so dehydrated from the stomach flu. It was awful and scary. Any new babies? How are the other little ones doing? I feel like this thread and some of the others have dropped off. Hope to hear from some of you. I know I'm not expecting anymore, but I like to keep up with all of you and your pregnancies/babies. Hope to hear something soon.


Corona - March 19

Hi Melissa. I have also been very concerned that no one has heard from Maria. I'm hoping that she is just so busy with her children that she doesn't have time to catch us up. I hope we don't let this thread die. The ladies here have helped me so much. I'm now over 22wks along with 1 boy & 1 girl. Hubby & I are still working on names. Good thing we have some time! I still fear that at the next u/s we'll see something different, like there may have been a mistake or something! We've been living on the west coast for 6months now & on Tues. I go home! I can't wait. It's time to get home to get ready for these babies. The sad thing is that hubby won't be coming with me. His job here isn't over yet. We hope that he'll follow by Easter. My doctor doesn't want me flying after wk 24, so I best get a move on. I hope everyone else is doing well. Keep us posted. If anyone hears from Maria, please give her our love!


TashaL - March 19

hi everyone i am new here i just found this place today..... my name is tasha and i have a 4 yearold (girl) and a 13month old (girl). Dec. 13th my husband left for iraq for a year. Four days later i found out i was expecting. I went to the normal doctors visits. Then about a week ago i went to the er (cramping) and i found out that i am having twins. Well i am still alittle shocked. I am glad that i found this place and that i am not alone. thanks ladies and i hope you all have a wonderful day.


MelissaSLP - March 19

Tasha - Congrats on your pregnancy. This thread is kinda slow as of late, but wanted to let you know of another wonderful forum at Twinstuff.com They have an expecting forum there and it's awesome. As you go through your pregnancy you can count on the friends over there and then after they're born, joing the First Year forum. congrats again!!!


Candice - March 20

Hi Everyone! Congratulations Tasha! I know exactly what you are going through! Our twins were a total shock! I have a 5 and 3 year old girls, and then we were trying for a boy and ended up having twin girls! It is a very emotional time! I know for me I wasn't sure if I should be happy or sad! Once the initial shock wore off it was nothing but hapiness! I couldn't imagine not having these two little girls! It is a lot of work and patience but it all falls in to place! GoodLuck with your prgnancy! How far a long are you now? Melissa, good to hear your little one is doing better! My first daughter had to be hospitalized for dehydration at 9 mos for a few days and it is scary! They look so fragile and so sick and you can't really do anything for them! Way to go, b___st feeding until 5 mos, good for you! All of the girls are doing great, the babies are now 5 mos old! Can't believe it they are growing and getting so strong! They will be sittingup before long! They no longer like laying and playing on the floor they like to be in their exersaucers, the love those things, they get to be upright like big girls! My other two are doing well! They love their little sisters so much. The babies adore them! As soon as they hear their voices their little eyes and heads are looking all over it is wonderful to know that they love each other so much already! MissyS glad to hear the babies are doing well! Our girls are the same Brittney has a thinner face and her eyes look a little bigger, other than that it is hard to tell them apart! Side by side no problem, they are usually dressed in different colors so that family can tell them apart and our daughters as well! I hope we hear from Maria soon! I am anxious to hear about the delivery and how everyone is doing! Talk to you all soon!


rtaveras - October 22

hi maria, how are you?i am only 4 wks pregnant and i am always tired and i am sick i have 2 boys (3 and6 yrs old)n i never even notice i was pregnant till i was almost 5months how far along were you when you found out you were pregnant?



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