Feeling Awful

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Jenn - November 18

I am 34 1/2 weeks pregnant with fraternal, twin boys and I feel absolutely awful! I can't eat much due to chronic heartburn and/or regurgitation. I can't sleep because I can't get comfortable. I can bearly walk due to the horrible pelvic pressure. The babies are both about 6 pounds each and my last fetal fibronectin swab said it would be at least 1-2 weeks before I deliver. Are there others out there going through the same thing. Bed rest is driving me crazy and I'm ready to beg for a c-section.


Kim - November 19

Hi Jenn. Sorry to hear you are feeling so poorly. I'm 28 weeks preg with a girl and a boy and I have good days and bad days. I was put on moderate bed rest this week due to painful braxton hicks contractions. I guess I was trying to do too much and wasn't keeping myself well hydrated. My doctor took me out of work at 24 weeks so I have really been stressing about financial matters. My disability check for 1 week is less than I make for 1 day at work! My husband has been working overtime so we can keep up with the bills. That makes it harder since we have a 1 1/2 yr old son. I think I am going to start staying at my parents' house for the extra help. I have also been having alot of heartburn, especially at night. I have been taking Tums for it. I also have painful stretch marks on my stomach, despite using moisterizer several times daily. It feels like someone sliced me with a razor. I have started putting bags of frozen vegetables on my stomach because it feels better. (weird I know) Keep you're head up. It will be over soon. P.S. I was happy to see a post from someone who is actually pregnant. I just found this site and it seems like most people are just trying to get pregnant with twins. Maybe if they saw more of the reality of a twin pregnancy, they would think twice. Perhaps a forum for people trying to conceive would be a better place for their posts.


to Jenn - November 19

Some women I know used to sleep in a recliner chair when they were towards the end of their pregnancy. I never did it myself. Hang in there, it's almost over. Just think about the beautiful baby boys you'll be holding soon!


Mary - November 25

Jenn, I feel your pain. I am 33 weeks pregnant with twins and it is getting very hard for me to do anything. I am still working and wondering why the doctor has not even suggested bed rest. She knows my drive to work is 1 1/2 hours one way. A total of 3 hours a day. Every time I go in I tell them I am very tired and all they say is no swelling and you look great. The past week I got out of bed and was so tired I could not hold my self out and called in sick for a whole week. When I told my doctor she did not say anything. I asked her for a note for work. My coworkers at work who have had twins have told me that their wives were put on bedrest at least two months before their due date. I am very fortunate that I have not run into complications but I feel like I'm going to pa__s out or something. I get braxton hicks contractions all the time and was even sent to the hospital at one point and still no type of bedrest recommended. I also have a severe stomach pain that I was told was indigestion. Its very painful and I tried Zantac under the doctors recommendations but no help what so ever and milk intensifies the pain. Ended up throwing everything the entire day and the only relief I found which was later on that day I figured I'd give it a shot was a gla__s of RootBeer with some crackers and all of a suddenly pain gone instantly. I can not sleep and I feel like there is really no more room for the little ones to grow. Have not gained weight in two weeks which I think might be normal. My stomach has lowered significantly and is becoming very hard to handle. My stomach hurts from the skin stretching almost numb sometimes. This is not easy but I Thank God for this Blessing its just that I still have 4 weeks to go if I make it that far. Anyways ladies Thank You for letting me vent a little and I wish you the very Best. Kim, I do agree with you there are not too many post pertaining to women who are actually pregnant with twins and would like to find out more information.


Anne - November 28

I'm miserable too. 31 weeks along and I want my body back!


rachel - December 13

hi im 31 weeks pregnant with twins and have just finished work and im so happy to have finished as i could not have gone on any longer as i stood for eight hours a day. i find it hard to relax and use meditation to try and shut off my mind away from the side effects of multiple pregnancy. hope all goes well for you keep your chin up your babies will be hear soon.


Frances - December 13

Try papaya extract for for any tummy issues, and I found aveeno lotions to be very soothing with the stretch marks. You take anything tylenol makes, including tylenol pm, for sleep. Don't overdo though, they may lose effectiveness and then you'd be back where you started. Don't have a section if you don't have to, the recovery sucks. Hope you deliver soon and you and your babies are perfect and healthy!


To Jenn - December 14

Sorry Im not pregnant with twins ... but I am a womens health physio so have looked after plenty of you guys and can sympathise! I only wish half of the women on this site trying for twins/multiple knew the reality for their bodies/pregnancies ... you're certainly not bounding around looking glam in your fashionable maternity gear at 38 weeks hey? I know the rest does drive you mad but it is the best thing for pain. Do you manage to get into the pool at all? Even walking and gentle stretching in water at nipple height can be some relief and also release some feel good hormones and help you sleep better. Do you use a brace or elastic support for your tummy? In australia you can get tubigrip which is an elastic support you use doubled over from under the b___bs to over the hips. It is nice and firm and takes some of the weight of those babies! Good luck and I hope this helps.



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