Fertile Looking To Have Twins On Unprescribed Clomid

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Niobe - April 6

have a good one lovingbabies and i do really hope you move on happily with your goodbye


crystaljude29617 - April 6

I am also wanting twins. Did you take clomid just to get twins? That is my plan. What else should I take? I have heard rob___tisin and baby asprin?


crystaljude29617 - April 24

Jusdee, Thanks I will order from the same place.


trying4twins - April 30

Well, never before have i wanted AF to come so bad! My clomid arrived a couple of days ago but i'm only CD17 atm. It's so frustrating. And on top of that as far as the OPK show i haven't even O'd this month so by all accounts I've got at least 14 days left. Grrr. I was wondering though, this is only the first cycle i've had since my DD was born 6 months ago and i am b'feeding once a day- would that impact O'ing and the return of normal cycles ?? *Baby*dust*to*you*all*


trying4twins - April 30

Also, i was wondering if there was anyone else from the UK on here ttc multiples? I'm Southern England, any takers ??


wishful.thinking - May 11

trying4twins, it's almost time for your new cycle to start. Are you still going ahead with taking the clomid? I started taking it on cd 2, 50mg to see my side effects. On day 3 I upped it to 100mg which is what I'm still on, and today is cd 5. The side effects are very mild, just a nagging headache, but I would love twins. I'm not annovulatory, but my cycles have gotten really out of whack, and I hoped clomid would help. Did you cut down on your b___stfeeding to help you ovulate? Although I doubt 1 feeding a day will affect your ovulating. My package says not to take it if nursing. I don't know how high your dose of clomid will be, but women take the mini-pill all the time when nursing, so the baby is getting those hormones as well. Good luck.


lilRubysmama - May 13

hi everybody...I am also going to try to get pregnant with twins on clomid...will try to see if I can convince my Dr to prescribe it first otherwise I will buy it online. I am 22 yrs old and have children already and am very fertile...would this put me at an increased risk of higher order multiples? I will be taking 100mg on CD 3-7 but am waiting to wean my daughter first before I do anything...still researching...I'm sure there are people out there that think women who do this are crazy...maybe we are...but I really want twins, I have alot of love to give! Any suggestions on which store to purchase from online if need be? I tried having a look but as I'm from Australia without a visa, it makes it pretty hard to purchase anything.


wishful.thinking - May 15

lilrubysmama...Welcome. I think it's just fine that you want twins, so do I. And not for the "glory" like so many nay-sayers claim...but everyone has their reasons. I'm on cd 8. I've taken it as follows: cd 2 50mg, cd 3-6 100mg and cd 7 50mg. I started the mucinex yesterday, and I'm wondering whether I should stop with the clomid, or take it for a 7th day at 50 or 25mg. I've researched quite a bit about ladies taking clomid for seven days, the idea being: create more eggs during the early days of the cycle, and make the eggs stronger by taking it on the later days cd 2-8. I haven't had any cramping, so I think the risk of overstimulating my ovaries is rather low. However, I have had a constant nagging headache and a t_tch of naseau on and off. I guess I had better decide what dose (if any) I'm going to take in the next hour or so. I got my clomid on a cruise to Mexico. Take a cruise to there, or somewhere closer to Australia where you can buy drugs without a perscription. Best of luck. Tell me what you decide.


SoReady - May 19

jusdee - I finally got my clomid in the mail from mexmeds today and I was hoping to compare it to yours. I got a white box that says Omifin on it. Inside was 2 blister packs with 15 pills each. On the back of the packs in pink writing says Omifin Clomifeno. The pills are white. Does this sound right? What s/e if any did you have?


trying4twins2 - May 19

Hi Ladies. I have read all the comments on this topic and felt compelled to share. I am a mommy of 3 little girls right now. DH and I decided to try for number 4 (crossing fingers for boy # 1). This is going to be my last pregnancy due to uterine issues. I spoke to my doctor about possibly conceiving twins because DH and I wanted 5 children. OB/GYN told me my insurance won't pay for Clomid, but gave me a site I could buy it cheap ($24 for 30 50mg pills). She is monitoring me under the radar. I took 100mg cd 3-7 (05/08-05/12) and from cd 8 onward have been taking mucinex 600mg and St. John's Asprin (same dose as baby asprin). I got + OPK today, which for me is cd 14. DH and I are going to start trying tonight using PreConceive which we were told is like natural v____al lubrication and helps along fertilization. I have no problems with fertility, but have had a total of 6 miscarriages over a period of 4 years, all 11 weeks and under. OB states if pregnancy is successful and I carry past 4 weeks (when zygote becomes embryo), she will administer a cerclage (sp?) to ensure I carry as close to term as possible. I am hoping for 1st cycle conception. Will keep my fingers crossed and keep all updated :D Baby Dust To All


trying4twins2 - May 19

SoReady, Omifin Clomifeno is indeed clomid. It is actually one that was packaged and produced in South America, most likely Mexico.


SoReady - May 19

Trying4twins2 - Thanks for the feedback. I am a little nervous about mixing rx and u/p clomid but I feel better knowing that I get the right stuff. I know of 2 ladies that bought u/p clomid for the exact site that I did and it worked for them. Good Luck on your first cycle. Let me know if it is successful. My OB will be starting me on 50mg of clomid cd 5-9 BUT I have decided that I want to take 100mg cd 3-7 for my first cycle. Thanks why I bought some online.


haveboxerwantbaby - May 19

hi jusdee, and everyone, i have only posted a couple of times. it's encouraging to hear all the stories here. i have a question about taking clomid. i know this isn't the wisest decision but i'm taking u/p clomid this cycle for the 1st time and i'm wondering if it's better to take it day 3-7 or 5-9. is there a difference? also i have a long cycle [about 33-35 days] so i don't know if that makes a difference? i maybe ovulate around day 21 or 23 [according to months of ovulation sticks]. also, i've heard about robitussin or baby aspirin? what do they do? i'm hoping to have twins. they run in our family, i.e. my dad is a twin. i'm 30 almost 31, and my husband is 35. i don't want to have kids too late...we've been ttc for almost a year now! thanks for all the varying perspectives so far. any thoughts would great. gl and bd to all!


lisajanelle - May 19

trying4twins2 - what site did your dr. recommend getting the clomid? you may have said and i missed the post - do you mind repeating the info? also - have you had a cerclage before? in case you haven't just thought i would drop a line to ease any fears you may have. i had one at 22 weeks with my twins (one of whom had already died in utero and i was in labor with my survivor). it is awkward because of the way they position you, but they do a spinal and you don't have any pain at all. nothing to worry about. good luck to you!


trying4twins2 - May 19

Lisajanelle, My doctor recommended Tri-State Drugs. They have offices in both NY and CA but the Clomid is shipped from India. just go to tristatedrugs dot com and type in your search for clomid. Thank you for the advice on the cerclage. I have done a lot of research on it and it seems pretty common. Just a st_tch on the cervics :D


Nique3682 - October 30

Hello I am new to this but I do want to have twins. As I read everyone's comments I'm not sure whats all the abbreviations are for can someone explain them to me. & are there any risk that this drug can cause harm to the unborn baby **Ms New New**



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