Fertile Looking To Have Twins On Unprescribed Clomid

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Nique3682 - October 30

Hello I am new to this but I do want to have twins. As I read everyone's comments I'm not sure whats all the abbreviations are for can someone explain them to me. & are there any risk that this drug can cause harm to the unborn baby **Ms New New**


just1moreickle1 - November 3

Hi ladies I've started a new thread on my story, as i somehow missed this one, just discovered I'm pregnant after taking first round of clomid unpresribed to purposely try for twins feel free to join in even you loving babies! I'm prepared for the lecture and I've spent a yr going over the pros and cons in my head and have read every scare story I could find....good luck to all x x x


ggrl - November 5

I also am trying the u/p clomid. But the package I got today for 100mg is brown pills. I am wondering if you ever got those as well or someone else. I always got white when I got 50mg.


ttctwins - November 7

If you're purposely trying for twins, you may want to check out TTCTWINS (dot) com. It's a great site with awesome ladies, all doing the same thing.


tvc - February 12

Hi ladies I also want to take clomid for twins I do ovulate on my own I have two kids already. I just wanted to know what days are better 3-7 or 5-9? Also how do you take mucinex and is it necessary? I know this thread is old but if anyone sees it please shoot me some info thanks!


Diamond1 - August 24

Jusdee- Thank you for the info, I am unable to find clomid on medex. I don't know if they have stopped it. Can you recommend anywhere else? 


DocJ - October 23

greatgreta- i was wondering if there was something specific you might've done to conceive twins? I read a lot of forums where people added soy isoflavones, or evening primrose, or wild yams... I just don't know how I should go about it. I'm a medical student... i took time off, but i'm going to be starting my clinical rotations soon. I would love to have twins... I'll be 31 this coming year and family planning has been our biggest issue. there's never a "right" time. I dont want twins because theyre an accessory or because theyre "cute"... I just don't know when i'll have another chance. 

In my perfect scenaria, I would have B/G twins.. in case I never get another chance to conceive. I haven't started trying because i'm planning it around school... but i want to start in January.


Hoping4twins - June 2

Since Clomid makes you ovulate 5-10 days after last pill when would I take it if I ovulate naturally on cd 8 because I have a 21 day cycle? Please send me email with answer kariheckman 13 at yahoo dot com no spaces just wrote it that way because won’t let me post with email address 


Junebug92 - August 9

Hello! I like the original forum poster am also looking into Clomid for twins. This is the most recent forum I was able to find about Clomid twins in women who do not have fertility issues. There is a whole mess of back and forth on this forum so it seems like it’s really gone off topic and turned into an arguement/lecture. Can I please ask the trolls who are here not to share there experience with Clomid to please exit so we can actually hear from people who have tried to have twins using Clomid? It be great to hear from women who tried to have twins with Clomid without any judgement from others. Whether it was effective or not, us actually researching it would love to hear from you. Please do not be scared off by the trolls because there are people here who truly want to hear your story that you may be able to help decide if it’s right for them. Thanks!



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