Fertile Mommie Wants Twins With Clomid

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Mommie1919 - May 22

Hey Ladies!! I am new to this forum and I know there are a lot of post regarding clomid but I wanted to start a fresh on to get some updated stories and input. I am 27 and have two little boys, a 6 year old and the other will be 2 in a couple months. My husband and I are going to try to get pregnant in January or February and I would LOVE to have twins or even triplets. We are trying for multiples because we both would like to have 4 or 5 children but we wanted to have all of our kids before we reached 30. Of course, just like most of you mommies out there, I will do just about anything at this point to have a girl! I love my boys more than anything, but I am ready for some bows and pink stuff!! :) I am currently on birth control so I wanted to get your opinions on that as well. How soon should I get off BC? I want to conceive in Jan or Feb, so I was thinking about getting off in Sept or Oct, and just using condoms? I plan on ordering clomid online, so if anyone has any trustworthy sites they know of.. please share :) How long does it take to ship? I want to make sure I order it in plenty of time. I am fertile so I am not sure of the chances of twins, but I hear that day’s 2-6 or 3-7 are the best? Please share your stories and what you did that worked. Also, has anyone tried any tricks to conceive girls, like the position or day that you conceived? Please share :) I know there are people out there that do not agree with this and that is your opinion – Please keep it to yourself. I am not looking for your reasons on why I should not do this, please do not waste your time.


caldridge4 - May 29

Hi Mommie1919! I am in the same spot as you, wanting twins. Here is my story: My husband and I (24 and 23) conceived our first child naturally after almost 3 years, and he was born in November 2011. He was also born with a severe congenital heart defect and he was taken from us when he was 2.5 months old (February 2012). I am having some "lady issues" that my doctor said will require a hysterectomy in 1 year. He told us if we wanted to have another child, we need to do it NOW! I don't have another 3 years to waste hoping for another baby and we want more than 1 (living) child. We have made the decision to try Clomid, and hope for quick conception and healthy twins.


lovetwins - June 16

hello mothers of children hear mum who love twins or more: i am 35 years with tree boys and my last two is with operation right now i am in love and married with who likes children i will love to have twins for him because i delivery only by operation and will not love to be operated four time i have been reading more about clomid and multiple birth and will love to know the chances of a fertile woman please advised any information will help baby dust to u all


Leara - August 2

Hi, Have you noticed people get all grumpy if you only want clomid to get twins! It really isnt hard to get clomid. Here is how to get clomid from your doctor so you dont have to buy it unsafely online.You go to your doctor, you say you have been trying for a year and dont think you are ovulating, they send you for a day 21 progesterone test, which if you want it to look like you arent ovulating then you change the dates of your period so that the day 21 test is actually done on one of the days before ovulation. So if you ovulate day 14 then do the 21day test on day 13 but tell the doctor that day 13 is day 21. Shock horror LIE. The results will come up as 'not ovulating' and chances are you will be prescribed clomid. Please DONT buy it online, you dont know what you are getting is actually clomid. You dont know whether or not you will have a bad effect from taking clomid, like hyperstimulation of the ovaries(this, although rare can be fatal) It is safer to be monitored. Even if you are fat and think the doctor wont prescribe it to you because you are fat, chances are they will, or there will be one you find who will. Its safer to be monitored and you can even get an u/s to see how many eggs develop so you know whether to bother trying for twins that cycle. Goodluck to you though. I had twins on clomid!


VALIYY - August 30

hi, Leara i been trying to concieve twins and im going to start taking clomid as well, what days did you take it? How many times did you try it?


Leara - August 30

Clomid is no guarantee of twins, so dont expect them. I first took it legitimately 6 years ago on days 3-7, 50mg, then 50mg, then on the third month 100mgs and got fraternal twin girls. This year I thought to myself that 100mg would give me twins so I took 100mgs on days 4-8 (because I was too impatient to wait until the following month to start). I had a scan at 4 weeks and there looks like there is only one. So although it might up your chances it is no guarantee. Even if you ovulate 2 eggs doesnt mean 2 will implant. My advice from all my googling is take it days 3-7 because that is more likely to result in more eggs.Go straight to 100mgs. Goodluck.


junlin - September 14

Hi anyone did it with success? Please share your experience. I am attempting to do soon. Many thanks for your input


mummieof2xiwish - November 2

hi i am 32 and about to get remarried to a wonderful man. when i was 26 i got my tubes tied after my third child. i am hoping after my tubal reversal (which he is gladly to pay for) we can have a set of twins. he is wanting a set and i hope that taking the clomid will help. if there is anyone that has taken them can you tell what the steps were that you took?


ClomidTwins90 - November 3

Hi everyone I am 22 and conceived twins on clomid 150mg days 2-7 I am currently 17weeks pregnant with a lovely baby boy and girl.


junlin - November 3

I just tried last cycle but failed. Think due to thin lining issue. Anyone had this prob? I was on 3-7 100 mg 1st trial. Thinking to try again in dec or jan. should I up 150mg day 2-6? And use duphaston ( progestrone) to sustain on day 21? Any advice? Tx


Dal - April 17

Hi ladies,

Anyone on this thread still active and have some feedback as to whether clomid helped at all with pregnancy/twins?

Most of the other threads on this topic are sooo old and this is the only relatively recent one I could find!

DH and I are planning in starting ttc later this year and I am researching ways to up our chances for twins :)

Much love



Hoping4twins - June 1

If I naturally ovulate cd 8 when should I take Clomid?



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