Follicle Study Can You O D With Follicles 11mm And 15mm

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JoTrapp - January 9

Hello ladies. I have been on clomid for 7 months starting at 50 and now up to 200mg day 3-7. This month we are doing a follicle study and trriger shot but never made it to the trigger shot. This cycle I took my clomid on days 1-5. On CD10 I went for my first U/S and there were two promising follicles 11 and 15mm. Went back on CD12 to see about getting trigger shot and they were gone. DR said I could have O'd but very unlikely. I had been had been cramping the CD10-CD13. I didn't bother to check my CM because didn't think I would O so early. I am CD19 and have been really wet and having lotion like CM. In the 7 cycles of clomid I have only O'd once on 150mg. What do you ladies think, could I have O'd with follicles at 11 and 15mm. Thanks for reading. Josie


sarah35 - January 9

JO*** hi there. i am on clomid days 2-6 (200mg)-3rd month and i usually ovulate on CD12!! So im thinking you would have ovulated and just missed it, seeing that you took it 1-5 instead. This is just based off of what ive learned using clomid.... so im thinking you O'd earlier then you thought. ive read 5-10days after the last pill is taken--espect to "O". DId your doc know you started a day earlier???? that could have been why he said you probably didnt "O"??!!!ANyhoo, I wish you luck and send you Baby Dust********* BTW, there are a group of ladies taking clomid and ttcing on the CLomid Success Stories Jan08 board.... come join us if you wish. This board is really for moms with multiples and they dont like us clogging up their board.


JoTrapp - January 9

Thanks Sarah35 for responding. I will join you ladies. I took my U/S during the holidays so both time there were with different DR and not the DR I have been seeing for months. But I think I may have O'd early too. The DR said if I don't get my AF by CD30 to check to see if I am pregnant.


montie75 - January 11

Jotrapp - I didn't ovulate with clomid until late (cd16/cd17) and my follicles always seemed to be bigger than an 11 or 15. (18-22) After several years of using clomid, I changed over to Gonal-F injectibles and on my first cycle, I ovulated on cd12 with 4 follicles sizes between a 13-15. I am now currently 32 weeks preggo with twins. I did use the trigger shot also, however.........they almost missed it due to me ovulating so early this round. I was told by my docs that when your body is ready and it says your eggs are mature, it will cause ovulation. This may have happened to you. I have no doubts of anything occuring when TTC. GOOD LUCK to you.............I wish you all the best!!!!!


JoTrapp - January 11

Thanks Montie75 and congrats on your twin BFP. What a wonder pick me up story. If I O'd it is dpo 10 for me. What day did you find out that you were pregnant? I tested on dpo 8 and of course BFN I know that was early but just had to test. I hope this is the month for me. I'm not having any sympton and the one time I did O my b___bs hurt from O until AF came. So I will just wait and see. Thanks for responding:)



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