For My Buddies

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cowspotzchic - December 5

sorry, somehow the board doesn't let me reply to my posts, so I have to start a new thread everytime i want to say something!! grr!! :) good to hear from you guys (cynthia502 and mrssolo) Cynthia502- glad to hear you're still doing well, keep up the good work! mrssolo- how is life going with max and jax? im very curious how my life will go, especially since they may be early. not ready for the nicu again, but since ive had a preemie, i kinda know what to expect. hopefully, they will hang out in there a lil while longer, 34 weeks tomorrow!! and we go see the specialist tomorrow, guess we will find out then whats up. hopefully their weights! on monday their bpp was perfect, yay! will keep you posted!


cynthia502 - December 5

Well it's great to hear from you! 34 weeks - yeah! That's an accomplishment. I am anxious to hear about their weights! Please keep us updated. How are you feeling? Are you doing okay? Glad to hear they checked out well on Monday. You better check your computer and why you can't reply - that seems like a nuisance. I had that problem when I tried to get to this site thru AOL. I ended up having to get on Internet Explorer outside of AOL and now it works fine. Hopefully that will work for you. It's just this site that I had the problem with. Glad to hear all is well and I bet you are anxious to meet your twins soon!!!!


mrssolo - December 6

Max and Jax are doing great they slept well last night so we did too. Its great that things went well on Monday. Just keep henging there. I know it can be hard but I just kept telling myself everyday they made it was one day better. They made it to 35 weeks 6 days and everything was perfect and they were able to come home with me. So as my husband told me many times, "Keep those legs closed tight" and hold those babies in there, lol. 34 weeks is a big acomplishment so just keep hanging in. Keep us updated, please.



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