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Rachel Jones - November 12

I am 22 and this is my first pregnancy with my twin girls. I am at 24 weeks and had my first baby shower on Sunday. My next baby shower is in a couple of weeks. I have loved all of the gifts that my friends have gotten me but there is so much more than cute out fits and stuffed animals... I have been getting most all of the neceseties and have been getting overwhelmed with making sure I have everything that I need. I just wanted some tips on the MUST HAVE products for having not only one baby but two! Fill me in on the baby items that you Mom's found most important for them as newborns! Give suggestions on what things were the most helpful... = )


sphinx - November 14

Milk Maid Baby Bottle Holder... Hands Down was the most helpful thing and I swear by them. They hold the bottle for the baby so you can feed them both at once.... and on the go! I b___stfed for 3-4 months but I had to pump because the girls spent 6 weeks in the NICU and got used to bottles. A double b___st pump, too! (you can rent them because they are expensive) Also, get yourself signed up on the mailing lists of all the formula companies, they send you formula checks (like coupons) and free samples. (If you aren't going to use the checks, sell them on eBay. You'll get almost the whole value for them, believe it or not) I signed up for everything under my maiden and married names. Most companies will also send you a multiples package of coupons or gifts after you've had the babies.


Rachel Jones - November 14

WOW! Thank you, What companies would you suggest for me to do that wirh? I have tried a few websites but then I just get frustrated because they just want your e mail address and try to get you to buy all of these diffrent types of magazines... I have a b___st pump already and I have no clue how to use it or the bottles that go with it... tisk tisk tisk! LOL


sphinx - November 14

I got coupons or gifts from these companies: Huggies, evenflo, playtex, pampers, luvs (if you want to get a free pack of luvs, follow the instructions on the package for the Leak Guarantee.. or whatever its called. They reimbursed me for a whole box of them!) Good Start Infant Formula, twins mag used to give a free issue but not sure if they still do, beechnut, gerber, johnson & johnson gives a new parent pack of samples to ALL new parents (not just multiples), Similac, Enfamil, The First Years, Sa__sy, you can get free freshsacks after rebate (sold at Walgreens) There are some others, too. But, they change their offers all the time so I can't guarantee what you'll get. Just call the number on the package and ask, that's what I did and it saves lots of money.


freebird - November 14

Babies R Us also give a multiples discount (I think it's 10%) when you buy two (or more) identical big-ticket items (car seats, cribs, high chairs etc it's not for diapers or little stuff) You have to ask for it at the register and tell them it's for twins.


sphinx - November 14

Freebird, do they still do that? Because I asked my local store about it and they said no. Well, they lost a double car seat sale! I even had them ask the manager because I was sure they had that discount and the manager never heard of it.


mrssolo - November 15

My babies r us still does a twin discount. I got my cribs there and got 10 percent off each one. when I did my registry they told us about it. also make sure to check the walmart free samples. This week they have a free sample of huggies wipes.



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