Fraternal Twins Through Fathers Line

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CMEC - October 16

I have fraternal other s_x twins. My paternal Grandfather was a frat o/s twin, his grandfather was a frat o/s twin. I can trace my family tree on my fathers side back to 1160 and there are numerous sets of fraternal twins - always boy/girl and they always miss a generation. So I personally believe that the gene can be passed down through the paternal line, from father to daughter. I have found 1 set of boy/girl twins in my mothers side of the family, but again it was her fathers aunt who was a twin. I would be interested in others views. What are the chances of my twin daughter having twins?


twins4us - October 16

sounds like she has a really good chance. It is known that the gene to hyperovulate CAN be pa__sed from father to daughter. The gene does show up more when it is on the maternal line, but scientists do know the paternal line matters also. It does NOT skip a generation however, it only looks like it does. The father can not make his wife have twins because he has no control over her hormones, but he pa__ses the gene to his daughters.


CMEC - October 20

Thank you for your answer. I noticed in my family tree that the mothers of twins had them after several single births. As they married younger, I a__sume their age had something to do with it. I had my twins when I was 38 after 3 other single births. Does that mean that any of my daughters or niece could have twins?


Rhiannon - October 20

I got my twins from my father's line! There were no twins on my mother's side.


newlywed0915 - October 22

I'm still a couple weeks away from my first doctor's visit, but I think I am carrying twins. Its the same feeling I had when I was 20 days late and couldn't shake the feeling that I was pregnant, but I was unsure, because I'd never been pregnant before. My only dream about my baby so far is that I was at the U/S and they found twins. Since then, I can't shake this feeling that I am carrying twins! Maybe its wishful thinking...I don't know. My dad is a fraternal twin. As a child I always thought I'd be the one in the family to have the twins...but I haven't been praying and hoping for it, you know? I read that the hyper ovulation gene can be pa__sed down by the mother to her twin son, and her son can pss the gene to his daughter...which would be me...and my two other sisters... so anyway... I'm just wondering what you all think my chances are. This is my first pregnancy, and I believe I'm 9 weeks.


twins4us - October 25

newlywed your chances are a bit better than 1 in 89. I hope you get a sono soon. Good Luck



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