Getting 18 Month Old To Eat Thier Food

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mmmom - January 24

hi, this has nothing to do with twins but hopefully someone will have some it 18 month old son is in this very picky stage where he will eat only certain things- mac and cheese, eggs, pancakes and snacks. of course theres little nutrional value in these food items so im always trying to get him to eat other foods. however sometimes he just wont budge and all he wants is goldfish crackers or something like that. from what ive heard from other moms is that this is a stage and will passs so just give in as its better they eat something than nothing. however my husband does not think thats the case and now he has mother on his side and they think im spoiling our son by letting him have snacks instead of real lunch now and then. anyone have suggestions to this or know any tricks to try get my son to eat the healthier foods?


Teddyfinch - January 25

i don't have any kids, but i can tell you what my mom did with my little sister that was very very picky. at first she gave her the snacks she would eat because it is true that anything is better than nothing and true it will pa__s, but eventually, my little sis got so spoiled my mother just wouldn't give her the snack unless she ate her food and when she got hungry enough she would eat. she never let her starve, but my sis got better about that.


Bryandi - January 25

My daughter is also a very picky eater, but she loves condiments. She eats green beans and carrots with Ranch....potatoes with ketchup or sour cream and burgers if you load them up with ketchup... so she will eat almost anything if you add sour cream ranch or ketchup that she wouldn't eat if you didnt add those things. Hope this helps... We also do the you aren't going to get your yogurt until you eat 3 more bites.... my daughter is 2 and a half now and understand the concept of not getting what she wants until we get what we want, so maybe until that understanding comes clear to your son it may be easier for you. Oh and one other trick...if he is very hungry and it is meal time.. put the things he refuses to eat the most in front of him first one food item at a time starting with the least favorite. He will eat until he is no longer "hungry" of those foods and then give the favorite foods to top him off. We have to do that with our daughter as well. Hope this helps.



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