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Shelly - January 3

I am starting a regimen of Glucophage and Clomid for TTC. I am an overweight women who desperately wants to have my lot in kids before I am the prime age of 40 . I am currently 34 and am now receiving this line of help through meds from my GYN. If there are any others out there that to have taken this combination for TTC , then please tell me your story so that I know what I can expect and how things went for you as well as if you had a success in pregnancy with singletons or multiples. Thank you and have a great night.


Trish# - January 4

I took both of those drugs. I have problems ovulating and suspected PCOS. Gluc. is prescribed for PCOS and is sometimes successful in and of itself. I have been on it for almost a year now! It will likely upset your stomach for a week or so (real bad!), but then your body will get used to it. I did 6 rounds of clomid with no luck...likely no ovulation even. My dose was steadily increased. There are a lot of clomid success stories but I was not one of them. My biggest SE w/ Clomid was awful night sweats. It's a pretty powerful drug. They say the chance of twins w/ clomid is 5-10%. Chance of triplets is less than 3%. I got my BFP in Dec after TTC for 1 year...with the help of FSH injections. Good luck!


Melissa - January 4

I have PCOS and therefore do not ovulate on my own. I took both of these drugs in order to concieve. It took us 6 cycles for my daughter (singleton, almost 3 yrs. old), 5 cycles for the next conception which ended in a m/c at 6 weeks and we concieved our twins the next cycle. The are now 15 weeks old - our house is crazy!!! I had hot flashes and some headaches with the clomid, but none with the glucophage. Good luck!!!


Shelly - January 4

What are the upsides to useing Pergonal rather then clomid ? I am currently on glucophage as well as clomid and wondering if I should ask my doc about pergonal instead . I have read that this might work more quickly compared to clomid which may take several cycles and may not have any positive results .


Shelly - January 4

anyone know about the comparisons of pergonal compared to clomid?


Trish# - January 5

I think pergonal is an FSH injection, right? There are several brands/types. I took Follistim this cycle. If pergonal is what I think it is, it is much more successful than clomid. My RE told me that Clomid does not increase your chance of conceiving, rather puts you on a level playing ground w/ "normal," "average" women who ovulate correctly. It def. gives you a push if you need it! But he said injections are 2-3x more successful than clomid. Whereas Clomid stimulates your body to produce certain hormones, the injections instantly provide the hormones. However, your chance of multiples greatly increases. 20% chance of twins, 5% chance of triplets. If Clomid does not work after 6 rounds, most doctors (esp. REs) will move on to injections. SEs were much worse w/ Clomid, and I found injections not too scary. They are also a lot more expensive. They worked for me!!


Shelly - January 5

I think that my insurance will cover the cost .. not sure though. What is the cost aprox. I think I will ask him about doing injections first off then as I would much prefer to get on with this so to speak as I dont want to wait for another year or two trying before I get pregnant. I also would like to forgo the side effects from clomid if I can help it. If there are women that could tell thier stories about being on pergonal I would appreciate that as well. Thank you


Shelly - January 7

Could someone tell me if the chances of having multiples are greater with taking the glucophage with the clomid? I am curious as my doc has started me on these two and I would like to know how many real stories of women having multiples on these two drugs are out there. Thank you


Shelly - January 7

I am still hoping to find out what the chances are of having more then one baby with the two drugs given together as my doctor has put me on. Also , I am wondering if you show on OPK that you have ovulated then is it a gurentee you will get PG if you BD?


Melissa - January 7

To Shelly - I used both glucohphage and clomid and concieved 3 x's (one ended in m/c). The first was a single pregnancy and then we just had our twins 15 weeks ago. I don't believe that taking the glucophage in addition to the clomid makes your chance of multiples any higher... it's the clomid that increases your chances (to about 10%). Also, getting a positive OPK does not mean you will get pregnant if you bd. It just means that you ovulated, not that the sperm will meet your egg(s) and implant. Good luck in TTC.


Shelly - January 8

Thank you Melissa. I am hoping for great success tonight and tomarrow as I got a positive OPK , but I only have two days to bd with my my DH as he goes back to work on Monday early morning and wont return again until Friday . By then it will be to late. Heres hoping for a BFP.


yetanothertripletmom - January 8

Shelly - I can answer your questions because I've been unfortunate enough to have been on every drug mentioned on this thread! LOL. Okay. Glucophage balances out your sugar/insulin levels. It will NOT increase your chances of multiples in any way. It will increase your chance of a healthy pregnancy and baby. It isn't a fertility drug, although it causes some women (me!) to ovulate because of the hormone balancing effect. But it won't cause you to produce multiple eggs. Clomid (with or without glucophage) can make your ovaries produce multiple eggs. Clomid is really the first line of defense against infertility. If clomid is deemed unsuccessful in producing viable eggs your doctor may have you move on to Pergonal or other FSH injection. The injections are intramuscular, usually given in the hip every day for 7-14 days. The side effects are imense. Check the thread t_tled "alternative to clomid." Clomid side effects are nothing compared to Pergonal. You will need to go in to your RE (reproductive endocrinologist - ob/gyns can't prescribe pergonal) every day or every other day for blood tests and ultrasounds to check follicle growth. When the follicles are mature you will need an HCG trigger shot to actually ovulate the eggs. Then you'll be given an IUI (Intra-uterine insemination) or have timed intercourse. Insurance companies rarely pay for pergonal. You're looking out (2003 prices in my city) around $2500-3000 ($50 per amp). Each person responds differently and needs a different amount. I actually took a VERY small amount and ovulated 4 eggs. I have 2 yr old triplets now. As you can see, taking Pergonal is a very involved process and not to be taken lightly. I doubt any reputable doctor will prescribe Pergonal before giving clomid a good chance. Good Luck!.


Shelly - January 8

Great info. Thanks. I am going to try the clomid after reading much on this via net ... first as talked about initialy . I am hoping that all will go well with this though . I hope that your pregnancy with your triplets was a healthy one.


angiekaye - December 29

Shelly, I found out two years ago that I have pcos and for the past 6 months my husband and I have been trying for a little one using clomid with no luck. Today I went in and had an ultrasound and my doctor put me on glucophage and clomid and I am really nervous about taking the glucophage. So let me know how things go with you. Good Luck!


MelissaSLP - December 30

Yep, I took glucophage with Clomid to concieve each time. For me, it took 6 cycles to get pregnant with my singleton. It took 5 cycles to concieve our next pregnancy (I m/c'd) and the next cycle later I concieved the twins. I took 500 mg 3x's a day of glucophage and for my DD, I concieved at 100 mg. of Clomid. The baby we lost and our twins were concieved at 150 mg. of Clomid. I think with the glucophage, they have you kind of step up to the full dose b/c sometime people have side effects (I didn't) like nausea, light headed, etc. The Clomid gave me more side effects (headaches and hot flashes), but only at the higher doses. Good luck TTC!!


MelissaSLP - December 30

LOL I just realized this thread is a year old and I already answered the question about a year ago. Well, there's my answer twice.


angiekaye - December 31

Melissa, I am glad to hear that the clomid and glucophage worked for you! I am the only one in my family to have pcos, and my other two sisters are fertile myrtle, you just look at them and they are pregnant. They both found out they were pregnant the same month that I found out I have pcos. That was quite a b__w to take. Then the day before I went in for my ultrasound and found out I have to start taking glucophage along with the clomid, one of my sisters had a second baby. Needless to say it has been a rough week. My doctor seems very optimistic that this combo should work for me, but I am now nervous about m/c. I have been looking information up online and have been getting really nervous about everything and I'm getting really tired of the hot flashes and the crazy roller coaster ride of emotions, but at least hearing that you have a fun house full of kids, it gives me hope!



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