Got A Question For Yas I M Not Mean So Please Read

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mandy - December 18

Hi Yas...I looked at your last two threads and they are quite full of garbage! Anyways, just wanted to check up on you after all those nasty comments. I'm now 5 days past when AF was due. I just don't know what's going on with me! Did you ever experience this any of the previous or even current round of clomid you were on? thanks so much and hope you're doing well!


mama-beans - December 18

Clomid commonly lengthens your cycle. Did you chart? Clearly you are U/P, so charting is a MUST for you so that you can monitor yourself as much as possible.


... - December 19

Yas has obviously tucked tail and ran....


yas2000 - December 19

hi there say things are happening...can you describe what going on? do you have cramps, fatigue pregnancy symptoms..the only way is to take a pregnancy test now...and it should come up if you are pregnant...lots of luck... do let us know how you get on.


mandy - December 19

hi yas and mama-beans. Actually I have a prescription but am not monitored due to lack of health insurance. It's a pretty harsh thing to ttc and own your own one will help you. That is why this forum is very helpful to so many women and the harsh, rude and ill-intentioned comments I have read in the past 2 months are beyond horrible. Mama-beans that wasn't directed at you, I just can't stand coming in this site and seeing all the judgement. Yas, I have all the pregnancy symptoms but I get those every month with AF. They are a little more pronounced but I think that's because of the clomid. I think that I can go to a clinic for a blood test as I can't see a doctor due to insurance reasons...I can only go if I AM pregnant, what a great system we've got here in the U.S.! So I'll try that and let you know how it goes. Thanks for your input! How are you doing with the pregnancy? Hope everything is good with you.


mama-beans - December 19

Mandy, just FYI, Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield is available in most states. It runs around $125 monthly for a 20 something woman. It is 80% coverage of just abut everything. Does NOT cover fertility treatments ( meds, specialists, etc) but it does cover any PCP or OB visits as a result of those treatments you paid for yourself. That's what I did with my first pregnancy.. all the specialist visits and any meds I was prescribed were paidout of pocket, but the scans by my OB and pregnancy/labor were all covered 80% up to my deductable. Just one way to make sure you are properly monitired! If this cycle was a bust, then be sure to chart all your information next cycle so that you can at least somewhat monitor yourself.


yas2000 - December 19

well...after all the hoo haa (gosh its mentally draining)..yes i am doing good....thank you...really too good that i am actually worried and doubting that i am pregnant anymore....things are very mild..i am quite touchy though and sensitive....maybe that is the most prominant symptom i have at the moment....other than that its weight gain which seemed to have stabilised...and nausea and fatigue are very mild....too... i cannot wait for my scan tommorrow so all wil be revieled then... how come your not taking a pregnancy test???that should ease your mind quite a bit...i do know clomid gives you pregnancy symptoms cause i had those 3 months in a row and actually thought i was pregnant... it also increases the defiantely made me ovulate a couple of days later..i fact i O on day 17 of my cycle when normally it is 12-14... please let us know how you get on....



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