GreatGreta I Have A Question If You Don T Mind

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LindaS - March 24

Hi greatgreta~~ I hope you are doing very well today. I saw you had a wonderful check up for your babies as well, which makes me extremely happy! *hugs* Funny about the DH *LOL* I have a question, and since you're pregnant with twins, and I've had twin pregnancies as well, I thought you could help ease my concerns. I know it is not usual for a BFP on DPO 7, however, that is what happened today :) This same thing happened with my first set of twins but not with my last set(my m/c). So, my question~~ What DPO were you when you got your BFP this pregnancy? If anyone else comes across this post to Greta, feel free to post your BFP day. I know that this rarely happens with singletons as far as I can tell, but could be one,two..... Just looking for personal experiences. So, please tell me that someone has gotten their BFP at 7 DPO. Let me know I'm not alone :) Oh yeah, this BFP was at 4PM this afternoon. It is very pink but still light. Nothing you have to squint at at all though. It's as plain as day in any light and close up or farther away...doesn't matter. Thank you lovely lady Greta *hugs*


LindaS - March 26

Bump~Bump~ :)


greatgreta - March 26

LindaS OMG!!!! Congrats! wishing you a very happy and healthy 9mnths! 7DPO? wow that's pretty early! I got my BFP at around 10DPO, i think. will your doctor arrange an early scan? from what i've researched high HCG levels can indicate a multiple pregnancy, but not always, as some singletons are ridiculously high, so an ultrasound is the only way to be certain! ooooohhhh, i'm so excited for you! all the best and please keep me updated, and anything i can help with- just ask, anytime! congrats again and big hugs to you


LindaS - March 26

Thank you so very much my dear Greta! Yes, I will get an early u/s, but I have to call and get an appointment first. I'm just not ready yet, as my AF would have been due on April 1st. I'm positive about this pregnancy, I'm just not sure about calling in and saying "hey, I'm 9 DPO today and got my positive pregnancy result at 7 DPO" LOL! I'll probably wait till next week to set up my appointment :) I will definitely keep you posted. I do appreciate your offer to ask questions very much. :) I hope you are having a wonderful day :)


LindaS - March 27

UPDATE~~~ I called my doctor's office and spoke with a wonderful lady there(she's awesome...I've known her through that office for over 8 years now,lol). I asked about having a Quant Beta HCG and progesterone level check and she wrote it up as we spoke! I told her I'd pick it up and go to the lab either Monday or Tuesday since I have an appointment over in that area around then(I think I do anyway, but either way, I'll pick up my lab papers and go get my blood drawn). I told her that I'd like to have these both checked and get my progesterone if I need it...that way we wont have any issues this time. I did tell her today is 10 DPO for me, and that I'm using 20mIu tests and my first positive was on 7 DPO. So, I said I'd like to get the blood work out of the way since I'm too early right now for a u/s. She agreed....NO problems what-so-ever. Told me to come by any time and get the lab papers :) Just thought I would update that I did call and have things set in motion :) It will take two days from the day I get my labs done to get the results. The local lab draws the blood and sends it off, in turn they fax over the results to my doctors office. So, I'll post back here once I hear something next week. Have a great day Greta!! I hope you three are having a relaxing day! Baby dust to all~~~


Krissy68 - May 22

LindaS - First off I wanted to say congratulation and I haven't been on the forum for awhile now but can you give me an update. Krissy68


Mommy in WI - May 28

I don't even know you and I want an update!! ;)


Krissy68 - May 29

Great Greta - How are you doing? I haven't been on in awhile so I am a little behind. Am I reading this post right from Linda that you are currently pg with twins? Congratulation!!!! I am so happy for you. LindaS - Hey girlfriend what is going on with you? I emailed you privately. If I don't talk to you girls then have a very nice weekend. Mommy in WI - I just wanted to say welcome to the group. Hey ladies here is my little update. I am currently on cd 15 and my temp went up. My b___bs are a little sore and I think my cm is creamy/eggwhite. I have bd so far on cd 1, 6, 8, 10-13 & 15. According to fertility friend it said since I got my first bfp on cd 12 I will ovulate between cd 12-15. I will keep you all updated. To all my pg ladies please rub your belly for me. Krissy68



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