Grow Up

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ninasimmone - November 6

what a role model you must be god bless you get a life ur on here alot on every page with your big mouth !


ninasimmone - November 6

that comment is for OLD teddyfinch lol


mrssolo - November 6

ninasimmone she is not trying to be mean. Its just this board is for multiple parents not people trying to conceive. Your 7 questions had nothing to do with multiples so please keep the post to a minimum and and on the threads already started for ttc. Or go to the trying to conceive board. See teddy this is what we meant about how if you say anything you get attacked. We twin moms really appreciate how you have been very respectful of us and try not to take other ppl who just don't get it to heart. You are a good person with good intentions. I wish nothing but the best for you.


Teddyfinch - November 6

ninasimmone: you have only made yourself look like a fool. do you even read what people say when they reply to your posts or do you just close your eyes and post it again? I have seen your post answered at least twice. here is the answer I gave in another post that you OBVIOUSLY did not read. "ninasimmone: from the 6 or 7 posts exactly like the one you just typed. here's what I think. if your period started on the 14th and you took the clomid on 3-7 (the 16th thru the 20th) then you should have ovulated 5 to 9 days after your last pill, if you ovulated at all. so the 25th through the 29th would be your fertile period." I'm glad to see you actually read posts, though, because you knew enough to attack me for it. However...before you go and laugh at your own jokes, read up on someone a little first. you call me old, yet you are 5 years older than I am. and because I read these boards 2 or 3 times a day, does not mean I need to grow up. someone who posts blindly and attacks someone for asking them to respect the rules on the board should be the one that needs to grow up. and then to make a whole new post to cry like a baby? tsk tsk. baby dust to you so you'll stop being so bitter because obviously it's harder on you than a lot of other ladies. mrssolo: if they want to attack me, it's fine. it only shows who that person is when they attack for no reason. and nina has no reason. I've made my mistake here before really reading into things and I've found out I was wrong before. I'm just trying to make it at least a little right.


ninasimmone - November 6

like i said before i put it in 6 times because i was new to the site and didnt understand how it worked you said what you said but you continue to used my name as an example. oh your younger thats why


samehere - November 6

Nina, I think you would get a lot more answers to your many question on the Trying to Conceive Board. The women on here using clomid are trying very hard to keep it to one thread and we very much appreciate that. Please try and understand. No one is trying to be cruel but how td you tell somone to not post with the same question over and over again withouth them taking it the wrong way?


Teddyfinch - November 6

nina: i understand you want to make sure someone sees your post, but try to read around. i posted an answer for you there so your question is answered. come to the Clomid Success Stories New and chat with us! let us know what cycle day you're on and how things are going? anything new? and just because i'm younger than you are does not mean that you are more mature. in this case, i'm the one acting a bit older. i only used your name because you are the only person i have seen to post the same question that many times! so me being younger has nothing to do with anything and if it were to mean anything it would only mean that it's sad that the younger person isn't attacking someone for no you are. now get over to that other post so we can all chat!


ninasimmone - November 7

like i said teddyfinch its on ny here ! i got you leave myv name out your mouth thanks for answering my question and once again i apologize now leave my name out your mouth ok its over and done now lets get on with whats important conceiving a baby/babies thankyou


Teddyfinch - November 7

Ok I'm done trying with this now. I don't care where you're from, who you're married to, and what race you are. Everything has been fixed, so there's no need to bother with putting your name "in [someone's] mouth" unless you start posting like last time. I'm sorry hon but you'll just have to get over me now. I'm not worth the time and effort to argue with and you certainly are not worth my time and effort to argue with. Now go test and let us know if you're pg!!! I read that in the other post!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!



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