Has Anyone Gotten Two Strong On A OPK Who Then Had Twins

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rizzoh - January 6

Hello: I received two strong Positives on two different days with an OPK taken at 10 am. I have never had this happen before mostly I get faint Neg or one strong Pos. This time two...I was confused. I went online and it said that multiple ovulations can only occur between 12-24 hours of the first being released. This is because of the hormone that is released with the first egg stops the growth of the other eggs. Could I have ovulated twice within 48 hours… is that why there were two strong Pos? Has anyone who found out they were pregnant with twins had this happen? Any Advise would be great! :P


samehere - January 6

Can't help you there. All I know is when I was taking the OPK, it never showed that I was ovulating even though my body signs showed me I was. I went with what my body said and and got pregnant with twins. They are fraternal so I released 2 eggs. I followed the directions on the OPK test exactly and was taking it at the correct time since I did get pregnant on those days. You never know.


twins4us - January 6

As you stated that double O happens w/i a 24 hour period, so no I seriously don't think you could have O'd w/i 48 hours. OPK's are not reliable enough to detect O...all it does is detect the Lutenizing hormone which doesn't always signal impending Oing. I know lots of women who relied on OPK's, got strong + but didn't get pg. When they saw a RE the sono showed they weren't actually Oing. Also dropping two eggs doesn't necessarily mean twins....studies show that you still only have a 25% chance of the 2nd egg implanting correctly. The study I am citing detecting two corpus luteum (sign of two eggs dropping) yet only 15 of the 54 ladies with two ended up with twins. Good Luck....I hope you get your big fat positive this month.


cynthia502 - January 6

We tried to conceive this time for 7 months (no fertility drugs taken). The first 6 months I ha a positive opk 2 days in a row each month....the last month, I only popped + on one day and that was the month we conceived twins! Our twins are identical however, so 1 egg split in two. I am not sure if this helps, but good luck!


rizzoh - January 6

Thank you all for getting back to me. Its just that with the weekend I can't ask the doc and its been confuseing to say the least. Its never happened like that before. I use the OPK's and temp each month so I know when I O. First is a temp dip, then the next day boom up to 98.8 were is stays until AF comes. I O between day 15 and 16 but never get a + on two days. I usally only get faint - and then one day or the other is a +. Oh I should mention I m/c a set of twins very early on about 10 years ago. Thats why I am a bit more than curious if I released two eggs this time since I know my chances are a bit higher. Thank you again.


samehere - January 7

Sorry for your loss. The chance of you releasing two eggs would depend on if the twins you lost were identical or fraternal and if fraternal if it was genetic doing. Have you had any children before or after your loss? A higher number of pregnancies and being older in age also increases the risk of fraternal twins.


rizzoh - January 8

Samehere: thank you for posting to my question. I had one chlid before the m/c and one after both full term but I am only 27. We are having some trouble getting pregnant this time and thats why we are using the OPK's. I know my chances are a bit higher for twins agian. I am wondering just how common it is to have a Positve OPK two days in a row? :) There really isn't any good info on it.


dinky - February 23

hey ive come on here wondering the exact same thing! ive had a positive opk for 3 days now! do they stay positive until the minute you ovulate or do they go back to negative before you ovulate? cause its still positive today and i need to know when im gonna ovulate!



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