Has Anyone Lost One Twin At 12 Weeks Given Birth To The Other

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Jane Plymouth - July 26

I was having twins & miscarried one at 12 weeks what should I do to keep my other baby safe untill birth has anyone done this


Enola - June 24

My daughter is 18 years old, she was a twin, after a bad fall down the stairs i later miscarried one of the twins (her sister) whilst pregnant. My daughter is healthy and i carried on with my pregnancy very well. Don't worry i did it so can you,


lisa-marie - July 4

hi i reciently found out i was carrying twins but was told that one had stopped growing at 8 weeks and died,i havnt miscarried as yet i feel so down knowing its still there and might be till birth im so worried that something might happen to the ok twin as any one got any thoughts on this i like to hear them thanks


bren - July 14

I was pregnant with twins and lost one at nine weeks. The other twin was larger than my previous children at birth but the rest of the pregnancy was fine. He is now a very healthy five year old.


BMS - July 26

I was pregnant also with twins after taking clomid. I did not know however until I miscarried. I was just thankful when they still saw one heartbeat. I had a healthy baby but had morning noon and night sickness the entire pregnancy. She is now 7.


nesha - September 13

hi im pregnant with twins right now im 20weeks and just found out that one of my twins did not make it, this is such a bad experiance for me thay said that i will have to keep the non living twin in there till i give birth to the living one it has ben so hard to here that i really did want both of my babys...i just have one question by keeping the non living twin in there will it effect the other twin in any sort of way im just soo scared that something may happen to that twin :(?????????


Rachel - September 21

I lost one twin at 11 weeks and am now 16 weeks. Someone please email and we can talk! [email protected]



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