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HEATHER - December 7

Hi all! I am currently 24weeks carrying twin girls. I know in the first part of my pregnancy i felt movement early on I started showing quickly. These are my first and I am 30. and have both identical and ferternal twins on my mom side. So I think that anything is possible. Now can anyone tell me why times to go by so slow when your pregnant


Dina - January 18

I feel the same way, I am 16 1/2 weeks with twins and all I do is think. I guess I have too much time on my hands but I don't knit and have enjoyed laying around alot!


lilly - January 21

cause ur probably very very excited congradulations


Alica - June 22

me and my husband has wanted twins i was wondering how big of a chance we have. his older brothers wife is having twins his mother has twins on her side and his grandmother on his dads side is an identical twin


Alicia - June 22

i need some questions answered about having twins


pamela - June 23

I'm pregnant with twin boys and I'm so excited. I already have one little girl and she's very excited. I'm praying everyday the twins are healthy and doing just fine.


mama2be - June 24

hey girls :) I'm currently 15 weeks with twins (first pregnancy).. I gotta tell ya, I totally feel you on the time feeling like it goes by soooo sloooow.. its probably because we're all anxious for these new blessings to come into the world. oh, to answer those questions, I asked my doctor and have also done research myself (been reading a LOT). it just so happens that fraternal twins in the mothers side will be pa__sed on genetically (which is what happened with me).. it usually skips a generation, but anythings possible. as for identical twins, there's no research that proves its caused by genetics, so basically that's a smaller chance. also, the research shows that nothing on the fathers side causes twins.. so basically if we women have it from our mothers generation, and their mothers and so on... that increases our chances of having twins. and of course if the woman is older during pregnancy, or if she's taking fertility treatments, or women who get pregnant shortly after stopping birth control, or those who get IVF, or women who've already had children (due to hormonal changes with each succesive birth), or women who've already given birth to fraternal twins, race (african races have the highest incident of twins, followed by europeans, mexican, then lastly asian). all of those additional factors increase the chances of twins. hope it helps anyone who's wondering! :) p.s.. congrats to all.


jenn - August 18

how do i know if im having twins


Rhonda Jones - August 26

Hi Heather I am also having twins but dont know what im having yet. Im 17 weeks. However this is my second pregnancy and i think the reason the time goes so slow is because the anticipation of everything that comes along with motherhood. Who will the children look like, will I be a good mother, will my better half help with the work load and any other questions or concerns you may have that wont be answered until the children arrive. i hope i could help and that is all my opinion


Ashley - September 19

Hi i'm pregnant with tiwns, boy and a girl. I feel the same as you and all I can say is that you think alot more then normal. But it will come soon enough and your waiting will be over. hold in there. I feel your pain.



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