Having Twins Need Advice

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jennifer_3 - November 15

Hello, I recently found out that I am having twins. I am only 6 weeks along but they already did an ultrasound because I was spotting. Anyways the 2 babies are not in the same sack but in different sacks. Would this determine that they will be fraternal? Also baby number 1 is a little bigger than baby 2. The doctor also said from the ultrasound it appears that they are 24hrs apart. Baby 2's heart is beating 10 beats less than baby 1's heart beat. I am concered about the size difference and heart rate. Should I really not worry at this point or be concerned and let them develop further before I freak out? If anyone that has some good advice that will put my mind at ease, I would appreciate it. Thanks


freebird - November 15

Congrats on your pregnancy. Chances are the heartbeats and size will never be exactly the same, especially if they turn out to be fraternal. As long as they're close you're fine, mine were never the same through my whole pregnancy. 6 weeks is very early and even a small difference at this point will be very noticeable. I had my first u/s at 6 weeks and Baby A's heart was barely visible. She's a healthy 13-month-old now. ID or frat twins can be in different sacs. There's really no way to know unless they're boy/girl and if they're the same s_x you have to wait till they're born to know for sure.


Rachel Jones - November 15

CONGRATS!!! I am going on 25 weeks with identical twin girls. I found out that I was having twins when i was 7 weeks and 5 days. The heart beat on baby B was almost impossible to detect and they measured at 1 week and 5 days apart! I was so worried! Everythings turned out fine with my babies and my pregnancy is going really well. My girls have been several ounces apart through my entire pregnancy but my doctors tell me I have nothing to worry about.. I would not worry yourself! Congrats!!!


jennifer_3 - November 15

Thanks for the replies I really appreciate it. I am really nervous but yet excited about the twins. I guess I should relax and just be healthy and know that they will come out just fine. I need to adjust my diet too. Wow twins I am going to be huge! haha


cowspotzchic - November 15

Don't freak out until the docs tell you to! :) Mine are in different sacs and have 2 placentas, so they say that they are fraternal. They need to see your placenta or placentas to be sure. The other baby should catch up in size hopefully!


ninasimmone - November 15

Can i ask what dose of clomid you were taking and what days and how many cycles that it took for you to get pregnant CONGRAGULATIONS! and good luck to you!


Rachel Jones - November 15

I was so nervous in the beginning of my pregnancy. I was constanly wondering if everything was okay. I don't think I really stopped worrying untill I was around my 20th week and I felt the babies moving and kicking all the time. One of my favorite things is how many ultrasounds I get! Since you are having twins you get ultrasounds out the wazooo. The normal amount is only 2 ultrasounds for a healthy normal singleton pregnancy. Those were always reasurring when ever I had one done. I wish I would have worried less in my beginning weeks! Try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy because towards the end your really going to wish you would have LOL = ) - oh and FYI I was showing at 3 months... at 3 months I looked 5 months pregnant so if your excited about your belly showing soon it won't be too long im sure... = D


sphinx - November 15

Mine were ten days apart in development on the first scan. Its not a big deal! they will even out just fine. 2 sacks is not an indication of fraternal in and of itself. In some cases identical twins have 2 sacks and 2 placentas. It just depends on when they split if they are identical... Chances are that they are fraternal but if you have any factors that would increase your likelihood of fraternal twins they would have an even greater chance of being fraternal. For example the following things increase fraternal twinning: family history of twins(on your side not the father's) being an older mom, having 4 or more past pregnancies, taking fertility drugs such as clomid, and I've read that shorter than average periods may increase your chances but am still trying to find out if that one is true.



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