Hcg Drop After Twin Vanishes

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Angelina - March 24

I just found out at 6 weeks after an ultrasound that I had two sacs, but one was empty. Over the last two days my hcg went from 91K to 90K, so they actually dropped when they should be on the rise. I'm going in for another u/s next week since I'm not cramping or bleeding. My doc thinks that my levels may drop back closer to a singleton level before they start rising again. Has anyone ever gone through this and come out with a healthy baby?


Angelina - March 25

And by the way, I have no cramping or bleeding yet and still feel pregnant.


Angelina - March 25

Has this not happened to anyone? I've actually found a couple of sites online that had info about it and my doc seems to be right, my hcg should drop alot before they start going up again.


Mom of One - March 26

Angelina- during my first pregnancy, I was super sick and when I had my first u/s @ 7 wks it showed one baby. But @ 23 wks (after rcvng a positive test result for birth defects) an u/s showed two babies. at 26wks. one baby died but since they were fraternal twins my son wasnt at risk for death either. my daughter had to remain in my womb until i gave birth which was hard at first. Im not sure if my hcg levels dropped or not but my son is now 5 months and very healthy. So, have faith that everything will work out just fine. Good luck


Angelina - March 26

Thanks for the response Mom of One, that must've been crazy finding out so far along that you had another baby in there! I'm sorry she didn't make it and you had to carry her all the way. I just have an empty sac and I feel wierd about it being in there with the other baby (if the other baby is still holding on that is). Hopefully I'll know more at my u/s on Tues. And I've read several more things about the hcg levels falling before rising again, so I feel much better now. Last time I miscarried I was cramping and bleeding and this time nothing's happening so hopefully the empty sac will just get reabsorbed.


Angelina - March 31

Neither sac ended up developing an embryo, so I'm going in for my d&c tomorrow (8 wks). One was totally empty , the other had a yold sac but no embryo and started losing it's round shape last week. Will try again in a few months hopefully, maybe it'll be twins again.


mom of one - March 31

angelina- so sorry to hear about your loss.hopefully everything works out next month. Good luck and baby dust



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