Hcg Level And Twins

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Sue - July 19

Hello Last Thursday my HCG levels were 567.54 and today after a week it is 14,000 I had ivf and they plced in to beautiful eggs the dr stated. is this the correct range for twins at 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant?


unknown - July 17

They say that i am at 5 weeks and my hcg levels are at 50,000. Does this mean i am having twins?


den - July 19

i had an vag. u/s at 5.5 and it showed two babies. my hcg on that day was 14000 and on fri was 28000


Sunnii - September 17

I know this may sound strange but before my period was late I was so exhausted that i couldnt funtion & once I got the pos.pg test I have been thinking this was twins. I am unbelievably lethargic & have had cramps 4 days prior to period due date. I had some pale pink spotting yesterday went to the er they did an u/s could not find anything other than uterine lining nice & think they did Hcg levels they were 544 is that within normal range i was 5 wks (actually 18 days past ovulation) they r running another hcg on sat. i know they should double but if they do more than that will that be an indication of twins?


Gigi - September 29

Every preganacy is different and It is best to just keep insisting on an ultrasound until you find out for sure. A high HCg do NOT alwys mean twins it can mean etopic preganacy, Down syndrome, or molar preganacy... Get an Ultrasound


cindy - November 13

why the hell do you have the most annoying pop up avout saving a cord everytime you try and look up an answer it turn me off from this web site


Possible Miscarriage - November 30

I am doing blood tests to see if I am miscarrying. the nurse said I am at 34 and we will do another test within 48 hrs, what does the mean? My HCG?


heather - January 26

high levels doesnt mean etopic, at all the dr told me only if they were to drop. So im not worried mine are going up where they are suppose to be even higher


krystyna akers - June 2

dont know



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