HCG Levels At 7 8 Weeks

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frozenfeet - February 20

Hi ladies...I was just wondering, for you ladies who had your hcg levels checked at 7/8 weeks...what your numbers were. I've looked online but the scale is so liberal....and my Dr. won't do a u/s until 14 weeks...can you tell by the numbers at 7/8 weeks if you are having twins? My levels at 7.5 weeks were 165,800. My doctor never did a blood test until last week...so I don't know what they were early on in the pregnancy. Thanks for any info.


frozenfeet - February 20

ooohhh...and hope that you are all having a happy and healthy pregnancy!!


MommyExpecting - February 20

i am in the same boat. My levels at 6 weeks were 105,000. my dr wont even do an exam until 12 weeks!! let me know what you might find out! i will keep in touch.


frozenfeet - February 21

Wow Mommyexpecting....that's tough. I think that I might want to look into getting another doctor. I have my first appt. on the 26th...and I'll be 9 weeks at that point. If mine were that high, i'd request an appt. and if I didn't get one, I'd move on to another doc. Best of luck


KSM - February 21

did anyone have their levels tested at 5 weeks? i had mine last week and they were 10000. progesterone was 53.2. i was told that was high, and i am wondering if i am having twins? i am 6 weeks today going for an u/s and more lab work. mommyexpecting- i agree with frozenfeet. if you request to be seen, get bloodwork, or have an ultrasound there is no reason your doctor shouldn't do it.


MommyExpecting - February 21

i really appreciate you guys giving me some confidence to speak up, it seems like everyone i talk to to think i am over reacting and its frustrating its like i have NO ONE TO TALK TO!!! i have spent so many days just crying.......well an update- i had my levels checked again today and they did nat chagne much, being 2 weeks later, they barely went up. im started to freak out a lot now. I have ANOTHER uti-my first one with the pregnancy. ( i have had numerous uti, kidney infections,kidney stones, and bladder surgeries) so i have an appointment in the morning with my primary care doctor to treat this uti. with my history i will be scheduled for an us of my kidneys, since i know the us tech so well (for being there a milion times) i think i will ask her if sshe will just flip me over and take a look at the baby!!! i will definately let you all know-thanks again for talking to me about this.


frozenfeet - February 22

so sorry about at the complications with your kidneys and bladder. That surely is frustrating and uncomfortable! That would be so neat if she would do that for you. Try not to stress or worry over your numbers too much ( I know it's hard) but the stress is terrible for you and the little bean! I'm suprised that if your numbers didn't go up, they didn't want to do an ultrasound anyway. Anyway, if you don't get your friend to do the ultrasound...I would move on to another OBGYN. Best of luck...keep us posted


MommyExpecting - February 22

I went to my primary doctor today to check out my kidney trouble, and she has a slight feeling that the preg is ectopic....i went into panic mode, but i am sure she is just being extra cautious. she is one doctor that doesnt mind going the extra mile. so keep me in your prayers. i have an Emergency U.S. at 12:45-(my husbands lunch hour otherwise i would have went at 10!!) so if the preg is normal than i will have to find out where the pain, swelling and blood are coming from.. sounds crazy but i actually hope it is a kidney infection with a stone (thats better than the other!)


frozenfeet - February 22

mommyexpecting - I'm glad that you've made some headway on this! Best of luck in your u/s and keep us posted. I am saying a prayer for you and your bean!


MommyExpecting - February 24

I had the ultra sound- there was concern for ectopic pregnancy. GOOD NEWS the BABY is fine. measured at 8 weeks without complications. (wished for twins, but even happier that "she" is healthy). we obviously do not know the s_x of you little gummy bear but i refer to the baby as a her!!


frozenfeet - February 26

HI Ladies - I had my first appt today..and it didn't go bad but wasn't great either. They didn't do doppler today.. :( but they've scheduled an ultrasound for this week. My thyroid is still hyperactive so I have to go see a specialist for that next week and my hcg levels have dropped from 165000 to 151000, and I've lost most of my symptoms :( She felt my uterus today, and said it 'feels' like nine weeks...which is right where I'm supposed to be but with the loss of symtoms and dropping hcg...they want to do an ultrasound ASAP. I must admit, I'm very nervous...scared...I hope that the baby hasn't stopped growing...I will remain optimistic until then...but it was a bit disheartening today. Anyone know if dropping hcg levels by 15000 in 11 days is norual....???? I heard you can peak at 9 weeks and drop...but I must admit...I'm not too sure about all this!


MommyExpecting - February 27

When i had my renet ultra sound they did blood work and the levels had dropped. dont worry- they are supposed to drop between 8-12 weeks!! keep your chin up. i have full faith that your baby cake is still growing big!


frozenfeet - March 8

just one baby, had the u/s yesterday....phew...one is enough for us the first time!! Good Luck



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