HCG Levels W Twins

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pba74 - July 13

I am curious to know if anyone w/ twins had a low HCG. I am only asking b/c my hcg at 5 weeks was 436 and two days later it was 443....it did not double. That being said, I have prepared myself for another m/c and a very optimistic friend said maybe it was twins. I don't see it possible but stranger things have happened. I'm not opposed to twins but I just really want a healthy baby - my RE wants to put me on Clomid and I'm a bit nervous b/c I've heard it can throw off your period...I'm very regular and I ovulate every month like clockwork...so I'm a bit hesitant. I'll be grateful for whatever I'm blessed with but am praying that this pregnancy will be okay. Any advice about HCG numbers is appreciated.


pba74 - July 13

After reading my post, I dont' think I made much sense...I have already looked up the normal levels of hcg for singletons and twins....and I know by looking at my numbers it wouldn't predict twins...but sometimes what we see isn't always the real story. I was just hopeful that maybe someone has a story of having low hcg numbers that ended up being twins that you could share. As you can tell, I'm grasping for anything to hold onto - I go back to the doctor tomorrow for more bw and an u/s.....my gut is to be prepared for the worst - my heart is hopeful for the best!


freebird - July 14

I don't have a story about HCG levels for you, but just wanted to tel you not to worry about the Clomid. Docotrs sometimes prescribe it for recurrent miscarriage because even though it *can* throw off your periods it can correct a short luteal phase which can cause miscarriage. Just because you're regular doesn't mean there isn't something going on that's causing your m/c's. Sorry for your past losses, hoping for the best for this little one.


pba74 - July 14

Thank you Freebird....still waiting on my betas today but my doctor did the u/s this morning and said he didn't see anything.....I know it is too early but he was not at all optimistic. It's a waiting game now. Thanks for the info on Clomid - maybe that is why he wanted to put me on it....we hadn't gotten to the point of discussing it in detail b/c I got a positive hpt.


samehere - July 14

Yes some people have low numbers and end up with twins, but even the low numbers should be doubling so your numbers should be in the 800's by now. Going up only 7 points in the last 48 hours doesn't look good at all. I am sorry.


Krissy68 - July 14

pba74 - have you gotten your results back yet? Saying a prayer for you. Krissy68


pba74 - July 15

Here's an update...the RE didn't see anything on the u/s yesterday - no sac, speck or dot. He said he thought it wasn't viable - I got my bw back yesterday and the betas had gone down to 117. So this pregnancy is going to last. I go back Thursday for another Beta - they will monitor them to make sure they go down like they should and then we will try again. Thank you all


pba74 - July 15

oopps...I meant to say this pregnancy is not going to last...


Krissy68 - July 16

pba74 - How are you doing? Krissy68



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