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expecting twins - October 16

I'm 19 weeks pregnant with twins. Lately, my heartbeat has intensified so much at times that I can actually hear it beating, which is not normal for me. Also, it feels like it skips a beat every now and then. It really freaks me out! Has anyone had this sort of stuff happen while being prenant? Is this normal?


Anika - October 29

YES!!! I'm 5 months with twins and I' m getting the same feeling. From what I understand this is normal. What I'm learning is-Multiple birth pregnacnies are toatlly different and I think your body goes thru a lot more changes than if you were to carry one child. The further along you get, the less you do. It's that simple. I'm nervous and am noticing changes in my body almost every other day. Just try to take it easy, laern to let some things go and move as least as possible. That way your chances of maknig it further along are increased. DON'T WORRY-WE CAN MAKE IT.


Carol - October 31

Heart palpatations are very much normal. I am 6 mo. pg with twins and them lill fellers need more of your blood circulation, so your heart will go overtime. Especially when I lay down for a bit, it seems like my heart is just going and going an going an goin... So it very much is normal. Also my doc recently told me with a multiple pg. instead of beeing active as they will advise you with a single baby. They want you to rest and lay low with multiples. Your body is working enough to keep these babies in there, so as not to go into preterm labor. But ain't it a wonderful experience!!!!! Good luck to you all!


Miss - October 31

First of all.....Congratulations!!!!!! Being pregnant w/ twins has been a really wonderful/trying/exhausting/amazing feeling. I'm 32 weeks pregnant today and yes, I can hear my heartbeat in my ears and feel it even in my teeth. When you're pregnant w/ twins, your blood flow increases sometimes over 50%!!!!!! My belly looks like a road map with all of the veins covering this ma__sive bulk. HAHA I actually walked 2 miles a day until I reached 31 weeks, because the doctor said to stop. Previously he told me to walk while I could when possible and what a difference it's made! Last pregnancy, I had a singleton (boy) and had pre-eclampsia. This time, my blood pressure has stayed stable at 110 over 70. It all depends on your OB and your own body's response to exercise. I'm very happy for you and good luck with your pregnancy!!!! The best advice I can give you is take naps! Keep us posted. :)- Miss


Michelle - April 13

I've been getting heart palpatations at nighttime, However I'm not carrying twins, I don't think, is this a common sign of being pregnant with twins.


katrina - May 5

with all three pregnancies i have had heart palpatations, i have read it is due to a lack of iron because when we are pregnant we need alot more iron. dried apricots and pumpkin seeds are a good source of iron as well as a multi vitamin suitable for pregnancy. once i had taken these i felt alot stronger and palpatations didnt happen as often.


Emily - July 8

Yes heart palpatations were regular for me with all 4 of my single pregnancies. Coffee and coke seemed to trigger it. Caffiene!! So I stopped those straight away . I still got them though but not as severe. Yes it is like your heart is going to jump out through your chest and run away. i could see my whole body throbbing with my heart and I cant speak or move much when it happens. So much extra blood pumping around that our little hearts have to deal with but yes its all worth it for the little bumpkin you get at the end..or bumpkinS!! It is scary but its normal. Best thing to do is lay down and put your feet up and also having an ice cold drink helps to shock your heart back into regular beating and to get over it quicker. Thats what I was told and it worked for me.



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