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TammyWhite - April 3

This may sound very crazy to all of you but it's absolutely true. My husband and I have had three children and NONE of them were planned. I've never even kept track of my cycle. They've always been irregular and now that I recieve the Depo Provera shot I dont have to worry about cycles. My husband and I now want to actually PLAN our next and final pregnancy. We actually want twins. We are not planning to concieve until Fall 2009. I graduate nursing school in September of this year so we want me to work a while first. Our Children are 6, 4, and 2. We plan to have another when our babygirl is 5. Were only 23!!! So if any of you are very kind and compassionate, please assist me in letting me know the first thing about ovulation and when I should try vitex or something. This is all new to me. Yea even with me in nursing school I don't know my body like all of you do. I'm so new to all this.


sphinx - April 4

You can probably imagine that all the twin moms here get about 4,000 requests like yours because everyone wants twins... Well, mine were a surprise and most twin moms do not advocate "trying for twins" because it is SELFISH. There are too many risks involved. Please take this over to the TTC Board. Maybe someone will help you there.


justinsbaby - April 4

I don't think its selfish at all. I'm also trying for twins and waiting til 2009. But I'm hoping hubby will come around to trying sooner. I am 20 and he is 23, so I guess our situation is some what a like. I ordered Vitex and decided to go a head and start it, cause it takes awhile to build up in your system. but now I'm not sur if the Vitex really helps wit TWINS. I'm thinking about trying Soy Isoflavone. Oh and Folic acid is supposed to help but don't take prenatals until 2-3 months before ttc, the iron will build up and do more harm. There are a couple really great boards here about it, go to general pregnancy. Trying for twins 2008 part 5 is a good one.


Teddyfinch - April 5

justinsbaby: i don't know where you get your info, but it's not completely right. first of all, vitex doesn't actually help with twins. it was used to help regulate hormones for thousands of years and it actually does regulate cycles. as far as prenatals go, there are no warnings anywhere about taking them too early. women bleed monthly, therefore we wouldn't really have a buildup of iron in our bodies. and if you don't get the prenatals with iron, you'll be fine. folic acid also has nothing to do with twins. to be honest, there is no way to "try" for twins. no meds help. clomid only increases your chances by like 3% (i'm on it, so yeah, i do know) and vitex doesn't increase chances at all. about the only meds that do are follistim and good luck getting that black market. anyway, yeah this wouldn't be the board for this question, but good luck anyway ^^


Want2bPreggo - April 6

I would suggests looking at a thread called "Theories on ways to increase your chance of twins" it is in the General Pregnancy Questions forum and it addresses all the myths and science behind some of the common theories out there. Teddyfinch, just thought I'd add I was told by my family dr not to take prenatals while ttcing since most have a 160% iron content, which is not needed until after you are pregnant, and could be harmful if taken for long periods of time. *shrug* Also I would stay away from the "TTC Twins 2008" threads, they have all been taking unprescribed clomid for months and months and are having very poor results. Not to mention it is extremely dangerous to take unmonitored.


justinsbaby - April 7

Teddyfinch, my doctor also told me about the prenatals. she said a regular multi vitamin would be good until pregnancy then make the change over to prenatals. I said I wasn't sure about the vitex, I guess it depends on who you ask, some say it will and some say it wont. And several doctors have done studies saying increased folate can increase twins. Folic acid is a synthetic form of folate. and it is still being investagated but, my ob said there would be no harm in taking it. My doctor also said Clomid will increase your chance of twin by 40%. I agree with want2bpreggo Theories on ways to increase your chance of twins Is a good board. I post on ttc twins 2008 but I am not using clomid.



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