Help For Wanabe Fertility Med Users Prescribed Or Not

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LauraEssary - February 7

I found this website and thought I'd pass it on.. Its helped me out a alot! go to free garage sale (dot) com.. (back slash) medicine (dot) htm you can buy meds there and request meds there.. Just regular people selling their surplus. I actually got a bunch of free injectables and clomid from there! The people who post and check it out are always willing to help in anyway they can. Really Cool Site!


LauraEssary - February 7

h t t p (colon)(backslash x2) (world wide web)(dot) freegaragesale (dot) com (backslash) medicine (dot) htm If that doesnt work.. go to the freegaragesale (dot) c o m.. find the cla__sifieds link.. then find the medicine link under the cla__sifieds link.. Click continue or more for a HUGE list.. like 500 people a month list there.. TOTALY FREE... Im so blessed to have found this site.


LauraEssary - February 7

here is also a list of some notes that I've made. Please be advised that my dates and your dates (as far as taking the meds) can be comletely different depending on your cycle length.. My cycle length is 32-34 days long so my days may be some what later then yours. Also I want to make very clear the fact that if you take meds unprescribed you are taking them at your own risk. I am also not offering any advice here just showing others what I plan to do.. I am no in any way responsible for your actions or any health problems you may incur if you follow in my foot steps.. For those of you out their who have negative opinions on taking unprescribed meds.. I have heard it all so no need to waist your time.. I have done some very extensive research on this subject. my notes: Check list... Drink Ra__sberry leaf tea Eat wild yams No caffeine Lots of Milk Take Prenatals Folic acid 100 mg Take preseed (or robotussin) days 10-17 (clomid will make you dry) take baby aspirin day starting day 10 ending day 60 (clomid will also thin your uterine lining, this will help prevent miscarriage) take clomid days 2-7 or 3-8 take Gonal-F or other FSH shot days 3-10 Start using natural progesterone cream day 10 - day 40(helps prevent miscarriage) Have intercourse on days 10-16 depending on your cycle length.. (I have a long cycle so I'd bd on 12-16) get 1 HCG shot on the day after you discontinue the FSH shot or the day you think your supposed to ovulate if you do not do the FSH shots. The HCG is a trigger shot that stimulates your ovaries to release the mature eggs..(5000-10000 UI) (Novarel, ovidrel, pregnyl, follutein, or Profasi) use Prometrium 200 mg day 15 - day 60 (to help prevent miscarriage and thicken the lining of your uterus) Once again I am not liable for any negative effects that you suffer from following in my footsteps.. Everyone should know that there is a risk to your health and your future fertility if you take any meds without first consulting a doctor.. I strongly suggest that if you decide to take meds without first consulting a doctor you do a ton of research first.


Rhiannon - February 7

That sounds scary to me, but I don't know. Good luck but don't trust internet companies. Best of luck to you, I hope you get as many babies as you wish for!!!!!


freebird - February 8

Be extremely careful with the Gonal-F. Bad scene IMO to be messing with injectables. A friend of mine produced 20 follicles on it and had to cancel her IUI, Would have been great for IVF but for IUI or trying on your own (which i guess you are) you could be asking for trouble without knowing how many eggs you're producing. Good luck with that.


Frances - February 25

Also, any drugs from anywhere other than the US, Mexico or Europe are unsafe. Most other countries that manufacture phamaceutics do not have stringent drug laws as we do. Do not take any medication if you are unsure of it's origin.


Corona - February 26

Canadian drug companies have good reputations as well. however theya re a bit more controled.


LauraEssary - February 27

That web site is all Americans selling their unexpired surplus.



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