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allison - June 9

me and my boyfriend have been going out for the whole 7th grade...and at the end of the year he told me that he wanted to move to the next level...and i said what do you mean and he said two months after school was out i went to his house and we had s_x...about 4 months later i realizided that my body was changing so i talked to my mother and she got me a test and said i was pregnant i told me boyfriend and he left me....that wasnt the bad part...i was having triplets!!!


samantha&riley - June 9

sam:well you are young.... riley:how long ago was this are the triplets okay?


casey - November 12

this is so sad...i hope she got the help and support she needed...triplets at 13????


redeem - November 12

oh you poor thing. triplets at your age can be very dangerous, but natural triplets is a complete miracle. If you can afford to, keep them. If not, give them up for adoption to a loving family, but don't let them split up. I wish you well.


Kay - November 16

what were you thinking? Have you ever heard about protection? The boyfriend you were so eager to please, where is he now? You should have protected yourself. You are a child. It is physically dangerous for you to have kids. I shiver thinking about the emotional, spiritual, financial and other burdens you will go through at such a tender age. I really hope you have a good support system!!!


Boo - January 6

Um, Kay, your post was extremely unhelpful. Sam, what an absolute miracle. Forget the boyfriend. How are you doing?? This post is old so I'd love an update.


Jenn - January 16

Kay, she has enough to deal with,she does not need negativity from strangers. Alison,even though you are very young,and i know you are scared to death,god has a plan for you and those preciouse baby's,or you would not have been chossin to be one of us special moms.i hope and pray you have a good sapport system,and that you and the baby's are doing well. i am only 25 and have 4 children,my youngest being 5 month old twins. i thought it would be really hard but you adjust without even knowing it,and learn very quikly how to take care of there prayers are with you and the baby's. i don't know your situation now,but i do agree with redeem,if it is impossible for you to keep the baby's please consider adoption to a loving family,and keep them together,they have a bond noone else can understand.i really hope you are doing well.


kate - July 9

alllison, hi if u need someone to talk to or have any quesrtion, or just need a friend , and also i have a qestion for u will u email me thanks and good luck



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