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Michel - August 27

Ive just visited the doctor because i was havinng SUVERE Fatige along with other symptoms, such as weight gain, and i am 5 weeks pregnant with quints :| This is like a movie!! I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!


sj - August 28

First of all congratulations!!! What did he say about the weight gain? Is that normal? Did you have an ultrasound? Why did he decide to give you that? Sorry for all the quest. I have been having the same, so i was just wondering. You must be elated!!! Again congrats!!!


Jane - August 28

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Quints would certainly be a handful, but it has been done sucessfully before. Try not to worry, take it easy and see a high risk ob. I hope you don't take offence, but were you on a__sisted conception?


- August 28

did u have help


Dana - August 28

I have a friend who was pregnant with quints and delivered four perfectly healthy babies. Congratulations and good luck!


nicole - August 30

if you dont think that you can care for all 5 of your babies, have you thought about adoption? i mean you could have an open adoption and still be able to see them when you want to... and have support with them... my husband and i would love to welcome all 5 of your children into our loving home... please e-mail me at: [email protected]


lewa - August 31

CONGRATS you must be in a state of shock what fert_tliy meds were u taking .I'll keep u in my prays .I wish u a healthy pregnancy and healthy babies.Wow !!!!!!!!


uh huh - September 4

RIGHT! I have some ocean front property in Arizona if you are interested


congratulations - September 13

congrats! Wow, i am also pregnant with quints and i am glad to meet u. I am in my 23rd week. I am sorry if i scare u, but this is like a roller coaster. I have headaches and nausea and stomach cramps. But believe me, you are going to be huge. I've already gained 58 pounds and my belly is 69 inches. Toilet paper: 26 sheets!


yas2000 - September 14

to those who are having quints please go to the post 'first timer' where the lady is only 18 years old and having quints i think she could do with as much support as she can get!!!!she needs wiser and more experience woman to hep her through this!



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