HI Delivered Twin Last Week

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Mandie - November 23

hi i had twin girls last week...they weighed 4'11 and 5'1...i named them Makensey Grace and Makenna Leigh....just had to tell everyone...they came scheduled c....this is a 3rd generation..my mom was an ID twin and my grandma and ID twin..and most people say ID dont run in a family...my cousin also had ID twin girls..i am scared to try again..


becka - November 25

aawhh those names are adorable congrat mandie!!!!!


mandie - November 28

hey thanks for the excitment everyone...thats really nice you all care..OH no interest in me huh cause i didnt conceive with clomid, you are all a joke....BYE


to Mandie - November 28

Congrats on the birth of your girls!! FYI: It's been Thanksgiving weekend so a lot of people are away or doing stuff, don't take it so personally that not many people responded.


Melissa - November 28

Congrats Mandie!!! How long did you carry them? Hope things are going well. Thanksgiving was crazy for us since our boy/girl twins were only 9 weeks old. Hope yours went well and have a wonderful holiday with your newly extended family!


mandie - November 28

thank you, sorry i was just upset. i was excited and no one responded. i carried them 36 weeks, quite a long time for twins. also they were pretty big too. wow 9 weeks old (melissa) how hard is that? it is pretty difficult i am tired. again sorry about the att_tude.


Melissa - November 28

Mandie, I understand the sleep deprivation. We are now just getting 3-4 hours of staight sleep. Our boy has reflux that we're finally getting under control. Our girl is pretty mellow, so it helps even it out. Mine were born 13 days early (by my request for an indution) and weighed 6 lb. 4 oz. and 7 lb. Didn't you feel like you're stomach could have just exploded with all that "baby" in there? I also have a daughter who will be 3 in Feb., so it's been hard keeping up with everyone. Do you have any other children? Well, I think I'm going to try to get them to bed and get a couple hours of sleep. Please let me know how things are going. Maybe we can exchange ideas of how to cope. Talk to you soon.


mandie - November 29

ughh i remember feeling like i was going to bust...yeah we should stay in touch.


to mandie - November 30

I was thinking of having a scheduled section,what was your experience of this?


mandie - November 30

i would not have done it any other way!!very happy


to Mandie - November 30

Sorry about your sleep deprivation. If you can try to to get them on the same feeding schedule at night. If one wakes up, wake the other one to eat or else you'll be up all night. And try to take a short nap when they nap during the day. Yes your house won't get cleaned or picked up but you need your sleep.


not me! - December 3

I had a singleton by c-section, and then my four-month old twins via VBAC...so much easier than a c-section!!! Home two days later, healthy babies who didn't have breathing problems, no big stomach scar...piece of cake and I had two babies...I much preferred v____al to c-section.


to not me - December 8

you know it is rare that someone can deliver twins by v____al delivery. it is rare that both babies are in position for v____al delivery. i am glad you has a good experience but its not typical


to mandie - December 12

congrations,sorry to hear about the lack of sleep.Were you very sore after the section?I thought the pain meds kept the pain away?


Linda - December 12

Mandie, Congrats on your twin girls. So I a__sume they are also identical, you didn't say?


yas2000 - December 12

awwwwwwwww...lucky woman you...how i wished i was in your shoes...a dream come true..twins and that girls.... many warm congrats to your succesful pregnancy and birth....and the names are adorable....i bet just as adorable as your babies... buhhhh...i want to be as lukcy as you...your so clessed well done..and enjoy them heaps...


yas2000 - December 12

i meant blessed!!!oops...sorry



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