High Birth Weight

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Stephanie - October 25

Help! I am 34 weeks pregnant, and I am carrying 12 1/2 pounds of twin girls. I've looked all over the internet for what is considered "high birth weight" for twins to no avail. I want to know how big my babies need to get before my doctor will take them. At the rate I am going, my scheduled due date is Nov. 17, they are gaining 2 1/2 pounds every two weeks, I'll have almost 18 pounds of babies. I cannot even imagine that happening!Any suggestions, advice, information?


3rd Time around - October 25

Sorry no advice but you sound to be doing really well! My theory would be the bigger the better but I understand why you would be worried. I'd hope your doctor would fill you in with more details if this is really bothering you. Wish you all the best, congratulations!


Julie - October 25

I don't know if it's a matter of how big they are, but how mature their lungs are. I expect no sooner than 36 weeks, but they like 38. A full term pregnancy for twins is 36 weeks, because most people go into labor before that, for whatever reason, medical reasons or just naturally. I know of several people personally that were induced or had a c-section early because the baby was "big" enough, and then immediately after birth, had to be hospitalized for breathing problems because their lungs weren't developed enough, and they couldn't do it on their own. So, as hard and uncomfortable that it might be, I'd try to let them cook for as long as they can. If you run out of room, you'll probably go into labor on your own. Good Luck!


aileen - October 25

don't worry. i also agree with julie. the bigger the better. when i was pregnant with twins, they were growing so fast in my belly. i was carrying like two baby boys, each about 9 pounds, 8 ounces! they were very healthy. so, don't worry. all you need to worry about is about the babies and also you! take care and don't do anything risky. i had a humongous belly, so i just stayed in bed for like 10 weeks straight.



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