High Hcg Level At 5 Weeks

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Kattiebugg - January 19

my hcg level is 87,000 and I was wondering if any of you had such a high level so early on ? Thanks for any input .Jen


Praying4ababy - January 22

Hi i'm preggo with twins and hcg level at 4 weeks were 219.6. That number seems a little high for 5 weeks...


samehere - January 22

High HCG levels could mean twins, ahead of dates, molar pregnancy and other abnormalities or in most cases, just a healthy singleton pregnancy. Good luck.


Kattiebugg - January 22

Thanks . My doctor has ruled out molar pregnacy as now 109,000 from 87,000 on the 20th .Going for us this week.Thanks again for the help .Jen


njgrl74 - January 26

Kattiebugg please let us know the results asap!!


Kattiebugg - January 27

Thanks for replying and CONGRATS to you ! Hopefully get a Us this week .Might have to go to the Er because myDr office does not have a opening until thursday ! AGHH Thats so far away ! LOL


Kattiebugg - January 27

I'm obessing about this ! Can not wait much longer lol Please say a prayer for me to have a healthybaby thank you all ;)


Want a baby girl - January 30

Absolutely! Good luck for you!


Kattiebugg - March 12

Well had a apt on Feb 20th but no US .Did hear the hb thou and so far he only heard one .Mext apt is march 20th .Thanks


snugglybugglys - March 12

It is hard to distinguish more than one HB in early pregnancy. I have 3 year old twin boys. Good luck at your U/S when you finally get one!


Kattiebugg - March 13

Thank you Snugglybugglys ;P The DR didn't really search , he found a hb and stopped looking so honestly I was just thrilled to know there was a hb at all ;) Thanks for replying and the reminder I need to call my Dr. office for more prenatal pill's ;)


Kattiebugg - March 13

Oh btw my level's on the 2nd hcg test 2 days later went to 109,000 .I have been very i'll this time around also. Morning sickness day and nite , lucky me ;)


Karen K. - March 17

Kattiebugg, let us know what happens. I am so worried. I had hcg levels over 74,000 and thought I was 6 wks 5 days, but ultrasound showed around 5 weeks, since only the yolk sac was seen. My doctor said it doesn't look good for me. :( I see him on Monday.


Kattiebugg - March 18

Karen ... good luck and i'm saying a prayer for you .My apt is the 20th so we'll see if what happens then. hugs


Karen K. - March 19

In a few minutes I will be heading for my Dr. appt. I am so nervous. I just have a bad feeling about it. I have felt so sick all weekend, I haven't been able to hardly eat or take my prenatal vitamins. I will let everyone know how it goes. Thanks Kattiebugg for all your kind words and prayers. :)


Karen K. - March 19

Kattiebugg, good news. U/S showed fetus with heartbeat. I was so shocked, I am so use to bad news.


Kattiebugg - March 19

WOOOOO HOOO KAREN !!! THAT'S SOOO AWSOME btw if you want to do a personal message board let me know i'll send you the link ok ;) Congrats i'm thrilled for you ;P



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