High Levels Of Maternal Serum Alpha Fetoprotein With Twins

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Nelly - December 28

Hi my question to anyone with twins who had this MSAfP Maternal Serum Alpha Fetoprotein test done and their levels came out high. What was the results? Were your babies fine. The reason I ask this is because I am expecting twins and my levels came out high. The dr. said not to worry it could have came out high because I am expecting twins. Just to be sure I need to go see the specialist and get an ultrasound done and possibly and amniocenthesis. Please anyone out their with the same thing happeining and everything came out fine please let me know, I'm a little worried right now. Thank you.


onetwothree - December 29

My OB told me not to even take the test because the chances were great the something would come back positive. So, I skipped the test and let the level 2 u/s do the talking. I believe the false positives on these test are around 90-95%. I have seen that most twin mommies when taking these test end up with the high results and are relieved after their u/s. I know you are going to worry anyway, but this is very normal with a twin pregnancy.


Nelly - December 29

I didn't know what this test was all about untill I took it. My dr wants me to get a level 2 u/s and it's up to me to do the amnio, but I don't think I want to risk it in takine the amnio. I'm trying not to worry and just think positive that my level came out high because I am having twins. Thanks for your response. By the way how far along are you?


StephanieR - February 8

I went through the same experience as you. After taking the blood test, I found out through the ultrasound that I was having twins. My ob sent me to a specialist who did the level 2 u/s, but he said my levels were still high, and could not determine through the u/s if my babies were healthy or not. Only way was through amniocentisis. I was frantic, I was by myself, scared, but I decided to take do the amnio. I freaked out for two weeks, what was I going to do if both babies had downs? How were we going to live? I would have to quit my job, it was the longest and hardest two weeks of my life. My doctor called me to tell me I was having two healthy girls, and I was so happy. They were delivered on Nov 10th, by C-section, weighing in at 8.2 & 6.13. They are doing great now. My only wish was that I never took the blood test because all it did was stress me out. Good luck


Corona - February 8

Those are high birth weights for twins. Doesn't sound like it was comfy at the end! I'm waiting for my results , I just did the blood work yesturday. How long does it normally take to come back?


StephanieR - February 8

They were high birth weight! I was huge. I had to beg my dr. to take them at 38 weeks, I was scheduled for c-section the following week, and I could hardly move. It took about a week to get the results, my dr. called me to come in for a ultrasound. They do that to measure the baby, because if they miscalculate the due date, it throws the whole test off. That is when I found out for the first time I was having twins. It increases the levels, because there are two babies!! I've read a whole lot about it since I then, and everything I've read said the blood test is not accurate because of the multiple births.



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