Hospital Bedrest

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Rachel Jones - November 24

Well I am now 26 weeks with my twin girls. They admitted me to the hospital after an ultrasound on Monday. The babies have about a pound in size diffrence. They are questioning if I have TTTS because of the diffrence in fluid and weight. I still have positve things that can't let them fully diagnose it yet. THIS IS SO HARD. Everything with my pregnancy had been going so well... The only thing we had kept an eye on was the size diffrence. They have been doing NST's ( non stress tests ) and watching the heart rates closely. Everything is going really good with the babies right now and there heart rates are perfect. My Dr.'s say that all we can really do right now is just sit back and watch them closely and try to keep me pregnant as long as possible. Anyone who has been through anything like this or has some supportive things to say, please do. Its so hard to be in here day after day and wonder what is going to happen. I started drinking boost. Anyone ever heard of drinking boost during pregnancy? The only reason why I started it is because the food is terible and they don't feed me that much anyway! Boost has lots of protein and a good amount of calories in it...


BUMOM - November 25

Try Ensure Plus. Consult your Dr. first,but it adds the pounds on.


cynthia502 - November 26

Good luck with everything Rachel. I will say a prayer for you and the babies. I just had my mid-point scan on the 21st. I measured 18 weeks and 4 days and the babies weighed 10 oz each. Did your girls measure evenly up to this last u/s? I asked the tech about TTTS and when it is most likely to happen and she couldn't give me much info. I guess we should be grateful they do more frequent u/s w/ twins so potential problems could be caught before it is too late. Try not to worry too much, although I know it must be hard right now. Keep us updated when you can. Stay positive! :-)


sphinx - November 26

I drank the Walgreens brand version of Ensure... I think it helped when I couldn't eat so much... Just keep thinking positive!


Rachel Jones - November 30

Well my Dr.'s discharged me on Thursday. Both of the girls are doing really good. They are going to be monitoring me three times a week with NST's and an ultrasound once a week to keep an eye on the heart rates and the growth of the girls. Wooof, lots of Dr. visits! They still can't diagnose it as TTTS, which is wonderful news! cynthia- Ever since I was 7 weeks and found out that I was having twins they have measured diffrent in size. My last US showed one of the girls at 2 lb and 3 oz and the other at 1 lb and 7 oz. I think one of the scariest things during my hospital stay was when they took me on a nursery tour and I saw a dozen babies that were 1 lb. I saw one set of twins and one of them was only 13 ounces. I am praying and hoping for the best! I am so tired of being pregnant but I will do anything to stay pregnant as long as I can for them! - The girls are CONSTANTLY kicking and moving around which gives me MUCH reasurrance = )


cynthia502 - November 30

Rachel - glad to hear that you were discharged. Even though there are a lot of upcomng dr's visits, everyone will be worth it!!! Glad to hear that it is not TTTS (at least at this point). I know it is disheartening to see all those premies but at least we know our babies will be well cared for if anything happens. Hold on and keep care of those babies. My goal is to hopefully keep them in until 36 matter how uncomfortable I may feel. I keep telling myself it's just a temporary condition and we will be holding and laughing with our babies for the rest of our lives! :-) I am only 20+ weeks and have a ways to go but I know the time will go by fast. I wish you a healthy rest of your pregnancy and hope to hear nothing but good news from you. Keep us updated. My thoughts and prayers will continue to be with you.



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