How Are All The Twin Mommies

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cowspotzchic - November 15

I haven't been able to post anything on this site in forever, so I just gave up! How are all you guys? I keep reading all the updates, wondering how far along everyone is now. I'm officially 31 weeks now still boy fraternal twins. Last time I went to the u/s they were over 2.5 each, so I expect they are at least 3 if not more now. I'm still working like a crazy fiend, although I am scheduled out on FMLA starting at 34.5 weeks. People laugh at me because I am still rather on the small side, you can tell I'm pregnant, but when I tell people it's twins they about fall on the floor. Guess I'm just one of those small carrying people! Maybe I should be glad about this. Although it's really annoying because the same people are like "oh too bad" when they find out they are boys and that i already have a boy. One question though, my docs said it's not likely that I will go past 38 weeks, but if I do happen to, will they induce or just let me keep going?? I don't know what I want them to do, but I do know sleeping is getting awful uncomfy, between positioning and getting up every 2 hours to pee, I only sleep about 5 hours per night. Keep me updated, and maybe I will be able to keep posting if this pc will let me!


cynthia502 - November 15

WOW! Cowspotzchic - 31 weeks and still working! I am hoping to be working at that point as well. I am currently 18+ weeks pregnant with twins. They think they are identical. I will find out more at my u/s on the 21st. I like to hear experiences from anyone further along than me!!! How are you feeling? Is your sleeping the worst part so far? What kind of work do you do? We own and operate a bed and breakfast. We are gearing for a pretty busy ski season, so I just want to know what I might be in for!! Any advice would be helpful. Congrats on your boys!!


cowspotzchic - November 19

Hi Cynthia, for the most part, feeling pretty good. 2 days ago my left ankle started to swell at work and my entire leg ended up swollen by the time I left that morning (i work night shift as a nurse at a hospital), so I had to start wearing my support hose. Make sure you get some!! :) Sleeping is still awful, mostly because my hips start hurting cause I can't sleep on my tummy or back anymore very well, and then when you do get comfy, you have to wake up and pee yet again. I miss skiing. We used to go when I was young, and I haven't been since. I hope I will get to go again one day! Hope you're doing well, do you know what you're having yet? Congrats!


sphinx - November 20

well, my friend was induced at 38 weeks... but you never know!



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