How Are You Handling Multiples

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soimpatient - May 31

Ok, I'm not pregnant yet but I'm starting clomid. I've been thinking...How do you handle multiples? Do you need someone to help you 24-7? Will your DH stay off work for a period of time to help you with the feedings etc? Are you br___tfeeding? Just curious!


TripletMom - May 31

Everyone is different and every situation is different. In my case chose to have no outside help and my DH only took a couple days off from work after the babies were actually home (they spent 2 weeks in the NICU). I dont like a houseful of people so that worked for me. It got hectic at times, but I would not have done it any other way. It isn't as difficult as I thought it would be.


soimpatient - June 1

Wow, TripletMom...I wish I could give you a trophy right now:) That is very inspiring. I know that multiples are definitely a side-effect of clomid and I was starting to wonder if I were luck enough to be blessed with not only 1, but 2 babies if I could handle it. 5 more days till I start clomid! Yippee!


TripletMom - June 1

You would be surprised at how many moms of triplets/quads do it on their own. Anyway, my kids are blessings from clomid, but I also get pregnant w/a singleton on clomid also (ended in miscarriage). SO.. good luck and wishing you many blessings for A healthy baby!!!


MelissaSLP - June 1

When our twins were born, our oldest was 2 1/2 so we had a sense of what newborns were like, but we knew it was going to much more chaotic and it definately was. My DH took off 2 weeks form work when they were born. I didn't have any outside help. My parents and IL's would come over occasionally, but not to really help...more to visit. I didn't really want a lot of outside help. I wanted to be the one to understand their routines and figure it all out, although I would have rather left the house and left them with another adult at times b/c of how crazy it gets. I can tell you that after the first 10-12 weeks, things definately calm down and you get familiar with eachother and build a routine. I BF (mostly pumped for various reasons) for 5 mo. This allowed anyone to help feed them. They're 8 mo. old now and are just a joy!!



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