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jnine29 - June 23

i know how big you should get with one baby but i'am 21 weeks and i have pop big time how big do you get when having twins ? will it slow down how big i'am getting ? coz i feel like i'am 31weeks some body please help! has it happened to any body eles?


MelissaSLP - June 23

When I delivered the twins at 38 w, 1d I measured 48 weeks (for a singleton). I felt huge! I have an aquantaince right now that is in her 34th week and she is measuring 56!!! There's a wide range for how big you can get, but when I asked my OB, he told me that the uterus will expand to what's needed. Congrats! I hope that your comfort level will improve.


kaos - June 24

It is suggested that at 32 weeks you will have a uterus the same size as a singleton pregnancy at 40 weeks. If you want to see some pics of twin bellies check out '' int he pregnancy area - If it makes you feel any better, I am 21 weeks with twins and have already gain 30 pounds. I fear that I will need a trolley to carry my belly around on towards the end. I guess the key thing to hope for is two healthy size babies, so nothing else matters!!


jnine29 - July 22

i'am now 25 weeks and i'am 36.5 from top to bottom of the tummy is this normal?


jnine29 - September 12

i'am now 32 weeks and i measured 48 weeks :S is it normall


jnine29 - September 27

i'am 34 weeks and i'am 49.5 cm:S is this normal?


samehere - September 27

I had my last appointment at 37 weeks before I went into labor and I was measuring at 52 or 54 weeks. Sounds pretty normal to me. I have seen shorter twin moms (I'm 5'8") measure a lot bigger. I don't know if it is from lack of room or what. Don't be worried. Measuring the uterus with twins is pretty pointless. I think it is more for the DR's morbid curiosity than anything else! LOL!


freebird - September 28

I'm coming up on 37 weeks and I'm huge. My doc won't tell me how big I'm measuring, but I know it's waaaay bigger than a singleton mom would be at this point. I'm not even sure why she measures me, they check the growth of the babies every 3 weeks by u/s. It's all part of carrying multiples. I can't imagine how long it's going to take for my belly to deflate after they're born :)



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