How Big Does The Belly Get

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Kim - February 24

I'm 28 1/2 weeks along and my belly is measuring at 38 weeks. Is this typical? How big can your belly get when you're pregnant with twins?


sr - February 24

i would also like to know!


Jennifer - March 2

I was 27 wks. at my last OB appointment and measured 32 weeks. 38 wks. seems awfully big, but I'm no doctor. Ask yours at the next appointment and get his/her opinion.


Ca__sidy - March 2

Kim, and sr.I delivered triplets about a week ago.At, one time I was only at 18 weeks and measured 35 weeks.I was !!HUGE!!.Well, of course I was carrying triplets! But, remember every pregnancy is different, your belly get get tremendously big (like mine did) or be like a little pear!


Kathy - March 3

I'm not yet sure if I'm carrying more than one. My doc says my uerine wall is developed beyond my calender date, often the first sign. don't get my lab results until next visit. Yesterday one of the moms at my sons school told me her baby is due next month. I'm almost as big as her and I'm only 11 weeks! Granted, she's tiny for 9 months, but now I feel even more huge. (I look more like 5 months than 3.)


kath - March 6

the night before my twins were born - i measured as much around my belly as i did high- i am around 5ft 6 in. they weighed in at nearly six pound each and they were 4 weeks early!!!!!!


lindsay - June 27

i am expecting s_xtuplets and at 10 weeks, i was measuring 32 weeks!


jane - June 28

how can u realte ur belly measurement to the no of weeks u r in, only Drs can tell this or can u measure at home and tell how many weeks are u measuring now? plsse i want to know


melissa - June 28

For a singleton pregnancy, you should measure from the top of your pubic bone to the top of your uterus. In centimeters, It should equal the amount of weeks along you are.


jena - June 28

thanks melissa, i will try that! I'm preggo with twins (17 weeks) and found a website that you might be interested in, Kim: - they have pictures of pregnant women at different stages, and also which pregnancy it is for them, and twin pics too. It's interesting but scary!!


Kim - July 5

Well, I only made it to 32 weeks with my twins and my water broke! I think they were ready to get out!! One was in the hospital for 4 weeks and the other for 6 but both are doing so well now and are growing like weeds! I had 2 boys, Mason and Logan. Thank you everyone for responding to my questions.


jj - July 14

does any one know how big your baby is at 18 weeks


MichelleA. - July 14

I asked my doctor about measurements and he said that with twins you typically measure a month or two bigger than you are. I am 15 weeks (twins) and measure 20 weeks. He said that everyone is different though so it is hard to say.


melissa - July 14

Ok, so I just had my 28 week check up (28 weeks, 3 days) and they said I measured 40 weeks. I'm freaking out a little bit hoping that my uterus won't think it's time to give up and have these babies. How big have some of you other ladies gotten?


Lisa - July 26

I am also very curious to know. I am 37 weeks and I am measuring 42 weeks. Is this a big baby or twins?


LL - July 26

It depends on if this is your second or third pregnancy. Your due date could be off is one reason why your belly is measuring "big". I would think that it is "normal" to be measuring bigger with twins. Good luck


twinsmomnj - July 30

My ob said a woman carrying twins, at 28 weeks is as large as a woman carrying a singleton at 40 weeks. I think you are in that ballpark! Take lots of pictures... love the belly and enjoy the looks on people's faces when you tell them you still have 3 months to go! Good luck!



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